Huggy on the road again


Hudgins mugs for the camera: keep watching TSN for more Huggyness.

Yamaha’s Bryan Hudgin is riding the company’s new Super
Tenere on an east coast journey.

Hudgin, who was featured last year on TSN’s Motorcycle
Experience as he rode around Quebec on a scooter for pocket change, will make
the trip from Baie Comeau, Quebec, to Goose Bay, Newfoundland.

Total distance
for the trip will be 1,113 kilometres, unless he makes a side trip to a

Although he seems to be having trouble getting underway at
the moment, Yamaha’s brave voyageur will make his way to Goose Bay with television
cameras following, so his adventures can later be broadcast on TSN.

Even better, he’s doing it on Facebook. Feel
free to cheer him on.


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