Quadro 4D



Quadro 4D, hmmm, twice the rubber to replace…

Everyone is on a safety kick these days, with ABS, traction control and even airbags incorporated into motorcycles. An Italian design firm is thinking outside the box by trying to eliminate the risk of falling over while riding altogether. 

Quadro Tecnologie, a new branch of Marabese Design, is currently developing the Quadro 3D and Quadro 4D multi-wheeled cycles. The 3D is a familiar concept, very similar in design to the three-wheeled Piaggio MP3.

It’s the 4D that’s an entirely new concept, using two wheels at the front and two at the rear, each independently suspended and articulated, thus allowing the 4D to lean like a motorcycle while offering the traction and stability of a four-wheeler.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marabese Design, you’re certainly familiar with some of the motorcycles the company helped develop. The design firm claims more than 460 motorcycles in its portfolio, including machines from mainstream manufacturers, like the current Triumph Tiger, the Moto Guzzi Griso, and of course, the Piaggio MP3.

No technical specifications are available yet, but according to the company’s website both Quadro models can be operated with an automobile licence in Europe. The Quadro 4D is expected to be released in fall 2011, though Canadian availability has not been announced.


  1. Actually, after watching the video clip I think it’s pretty ingeneous!
    Definately different, but very cool. The movement of the bike mimics a downhill skier carving turns. Not all bikes MUST conform to the singular idea of two rings of rubber only. It still banks nicely and when riding it, I doubt it looks or feels any different than a conventional bike from that vantage point, just with much better traction.

  2. Actually, “Elsie”, my 1993 Buick LSabre leans very nicely! If you crank the old girl hard into a corner, that old body will roll over and die with the best of ’em!

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