Magazine leaks ZX-10R info



2011 ZX-10R breaks cover

A rather unlikely source for a scoop by today’s standards perhaps, but U.S. motorcycle magazine Cycle World has leaked info and pictures of the redesigned 2011 ZX-10R.

The engine is said to be tuned for midrange power but despite this the cover proclaims the new ZX-10R produces 200 hp. The massive output is controlled at the rear wheel via selectable power modes and a tunable traction control system.

A new frame is allowed to flex without putting additional stress on the engine and the bike weighs 20 lb less than the 2010 model.

Also part of the electronics package is Kawasaki Intelligent antilock Brake System, or KIBS, which was developed for Kawasaki by Bosch and is said to be pulse-free at the brake lever and pedal.

Although Kawasaki will officially release information on the 2011 ZX-10R in conjunction with the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne October 6-10, Asphalt and Rubber are reporting the November issue of Cycle World was on sale in Hollywood last night.


  1. “Kawasaki needs to hire an Italian to run their styling department.”

    Yeah, maybe they can take cues from the Multistrada and the 999, just to name a few…

  2. You’re right Brian, it’s not my “cup-O-tea”…but I would love to take one to a track to see what it could do…I just don’t think these types of bikes are great for “legal” street riding…you know, more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow…yadda yadda yadda…

    I can see the attraction to them…I pined for one in my 20’s…the styling seems pretty choppy and angular to me, but it is styling and therefore very subjective…


  3. Love it. Good for Kawasaki. I like my bikes a little more raw. As for making the most of it… most of the guys I know with them are in their 30s or 40s and have already surved 10+ years of riding street or dirt, not newbies.

    One of these won’t kill you any faster than a Harley Fergusson, they have brakes, tires and chassis to match their power.

  4. Brian, keep the ’04. The ’11 is fuglier than the ’10.

    Kawasaki needs to hire an Italian to run their styling department.

  5. madjak just think of it as one of the tools
    Darwin uses to clean the gene pool.

    It’s a great looking bike and I would love to
    ride it but I learned loooong ago that I don’t
    enjoy riding a bike that you have to hold back
    every minute you are on it or you will get 50
    tickets per gallon.

  6. Wow…another bike for the squids to make a 1/4 mile smear for the tax payers to pay for the clean up…not quite sure where a bike like this is relevant to street riding…

    Does a bike like that come with rider training? I know when Porsche sells a car you are enrolled in driver school (in some dealers…), to teach you vehicle control and how to safely drive the vehicle (no, it doesn’t stop the idiots but a Porsche is exclusive due to price…these are not)

    I must be getting old, I’m hearing my DAD talking here…:eek


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