Arnold signs noise bill


Schwarzenegger knows what happens to people who stare into exhaust pipes.

California governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that prohibits the removal of
factory exhausts on new motorcycles.

Bill 435 requires motorcycles made
after Jan. 1, 2013 to wear a label stating that they pass federal
noise regulations.

Swap exhaust systems and lose the
label, and riders will get fined $100 the first time and $250 for
subsequent noises.

However, fix the problem and a first offence will
be forgiven.

Politicians say motorcycles that make
too much noise are ridden by rotten apples, but motorcyclists say
existing laws already keep the number of rotten apples low.

The stickers make it easy for cops and other bureaucrats to tell when a motorcycle exhaust has been modified.


  1. I was in Monterey last week and a group of Harleys was at the gas station. One was so loud (the loudest I’ve ever heard) it was utterly obnoxious. And I ride a bike with an aftermarket exhaust! Sometimes it’s just too loud… As with other areas of our society, government usually has to legislate for the lowest common denominator. In this case, it’s because of the few (mostly) Harley riders that have no consideration for others.

  2. Large, established after-market companies will start selling compliant exhausts, which, it would appear, the law permits. Loud pipes should become a thing of the past, praise be.

  3. You can rest assured that these types of laws will come to Canada. The general public, and many of us, are sick and tired of bikes with absolutely no mufflers on them. To coin a phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  4. it’ll be interesting to see how this affects the used market. will older bikes become more valuable because they are exempt? I guess this will also slowly kill companies like vance&hines. someday, people will no longer associate loud with powerfull. I can’t wait.

  5. This laws gonna suck hopefully canada don’t follow suit.

    One of my bikes does have aftermarket bikes due to its old and the stockers rotted off long ago. I know this bike wont fall under that law but if they pass this how long till they pass no aftermarket pipes on any bike.

    My new bike runs a stock pipe and i am fine with it staying that way but offten times if ya have an issue its cheaper to replace you exhaust with aftermarket than stock. (witch was the case on my old 2000 Yamaha cruiser the stocks rotted and the aftermarket is much cheaper to buy).

  6. I think they should apply the same thing to cars…if it is going to apply to bikes, why not the pick ups and such that are running straight pipes…also, can they get the aftermarket pipes inspected to renew the sticker if they are within acceptable limits??

    I’m not an advocate of the noise bylaw in general, but if they set a realistic dB level, aftermarket pipes should be able to conform with the baffles in…then you can have a sound change and not be obnoxious…


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