Frankie goes to Shannoville


Trombino leading Mike Ferreira.
Photo: Rob MacLennan

The Ontario RACE road racing series
ended with a bang as Frank Trombino cemented double championships in
the banner Pro Superbike and Pro 600 classes riding Ben Gartner’s
Prostar Hondas. Shannonville specialist Trombino had clinched the
Superbike title (and therefore RACE’s No.1 plate for next year) at
the previous race, but came looking for the double.

His task was made a bit easier since
chief rival Jodi Christie had elected to try his luck at the final
AMA round in the U.S. and therefore wasn’t at Shannonville, but
Trombino still needed a victory to get the necessary points. He did
so with a dominating performance, grabbing the hole shot and easing
away a bit each lap in cold, sketchy conditions.

He didn’t have as easy a time of it in
the Superbike race, which he only won at the last corner after a
spectacular battle with Mike Ferreira’s BMW Motorrad Canada S1000RR.
This was the second race in a row that these two have provided
eye-popping action, and certainly anybody watching hopes that BMW
will attend the regional series next year (Ferreira was allowed the
use of the bike for the RACE series after the Parts Canada national
series had finished).


Stacey Nesbitt regains her feet to audience applause. Photo: Dave Leonty

Despite the cold conditions, made worse
by the constant threat of rain, with occasional mist and rain drops
falling, there were relatively few incidents and a remarkable number
of close, tight races.

One of the best races of the day was the Moto
Excel Honda CBR Cup, which had nine finalists dueling in two close
packs, drawing nearly everyone in the paddock to the pit wall.
Interest was added with superbike racers Trombino and Matt McBride
taking part on two machines owned by McBride; the kids were thrilled
to be racing with the Pros, and as it turned out said Pros were not
in the lead group. Trombino laughed later, "It was a lot of fun,
and I think Matt and I might have learned something from the kids!"

Unfortunately, the four-bike race for
the lead ended two corners from the end, as Ryan McCormick and Stacey
Nesbitt collided, sending both riders into the dirt. Nesbitt ended up
under her bike, but turned out to be okay except for a sore wrist
which she was going to have X-rayed on their way home. Nicole
Pilkington inherited second, but got some applause on the podium when
she said "I feel a little guilty here; it was just a
fourth-place ride for me today. I feel bad for Stacey and Ryan."

In the Amateur ranks things were shaken
up a little, as Bill McKay did not win all three of his races as
usual (although he did make it to the podium in all three). He also
wrapped up three class titles, and will be riding as a Pro in 2011.

A new Amateur star was born, however,
as Adam Murray, in only his second race weekend, took comfortable
victories in both the Novice 600 and Superbike events, so he’ll be
starting 2011 as an Amateur.


  1. Durning the race ive had noticed that Ryan McCormick is not good in the hair pin Ryan does not go around the hair pin with power and thats how his larg margin went from 3 secs to 0 because u keeped my corners longer and never let go of the throtal.
    Sad to hear about the ending of the race i did n ot cause any of that i cam around the corner on the last lap noticing that Stacey Nesbit was laying on the track so i finshed the race in first no because of Ryan mcCormick crashing, so i came around the alines corner for the checkerd flag and asoon as i saw the corner 1 i saw the corner Marahal pull out red flag and i was scared for my fellow racer life i didnt know what to do so i finshed my cool down lap and i could not get the flag because of the Amubulance and it did not matter to me because i was worryied for Stacey, so i went to my pits and i took off my leathers and everything else and i raced to the Padock to see what happened.
    Turend out that she was fine. (422) Shay Gauthier

  2. Good article Larry. Stacey ended up with a Torus fracture of her right wrist. Thanks to all the medical staff, Steve “Doc” Walker, Chris Chapelle, RACE Staff and the corner workers. Stacey can’t wait to get back on her bike!

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