Suzuki's naked sports shown


GSR750 as portrayed by Suzuki artist.

Suzuki has leaked a photo of the 2011 naked sport bike, the GSR750.

Or at least, a photo of a sketch of the bike.

While officially still behind wraps, the bike is shown here in enough detail to make some conclusions about it.

The forks will be USD, for instance, and it’ll have a braced swingarm and some racebike-inspired bodywork.

The motor is said to be the same as that used in the GSX-R, though likely with more power down low and less power up high.

No word yet on whether the bike will come to Canada.


  1. I think theres still room in the market for another naked bike (read a new simpler UJM) but one with a useless GSXR passenger seat ??
    The Japanese transformer look is getting pretty old. The euro nakeds seem to do it with a bit more chic, and mix the angles with compound curves nicer.

  2. Geez, not another sharp-edged, slab-sided, acute-angled, downward-facing “transformer” of a street bike… It reminds me of what my kids used to call “go-bots”! What happened to rounded edges and elegant compound curves anyway?

  3. I don’t know how anyone’s seeing a braced swing arm in that sketch. Looks more like a hardware-store-box-section job. Probably steel too so as to cut cost & quality. The plastic hugger mud guard looks a though it’s trying to look like something I guess. It’s maybe why it’s all behind those big mufflers saying, ” look away, look somewhere else”. Yep, another zippy transformer headlight too. Plus the now classic contemporary naked ziggy-zaggy plastic front side panels, i.e… Z1000. Oh joy another original breaking new ground…cough hack …wheeze.

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