BMW K1600GT website


For now, this is all you get to see.

BMW has launched a website with information on the new K1600GT and K1600GTL tourers.

The 1,649 cc inline six-cylinder engine claims 160 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque, with 70 percent of that torque available from 1,500 rpm. Uniquely and for a narrow design, the gearbox has three stacked transmission shafts, and it mates to the engine via a power-assisted 10-plate clutch.

Both machines will feature true traction control, with sensors at both wheels and a bank angle sensor that measures lean. The system will be tied into the ESA settings, offering various levels of intervention.

For the first time on a motorcycle, the K1600s will have adaptive xenon headlights, so their beams will follow the road around bends.

It is not yet known which features will be available as standard or as options, nor has an official release date been revealed. Sadly, there are no pictures of the new K1600GT or GTL on the website, but it provides one hell of a teaser.

See it all here.


  1. riding my R1200RT I though it was the top bike i ever dream.
    Then in 2005, I have choose the K1200GT and I understand how a 4 cylinder is so smooth.
    In the begining of 2010 I bought the K1300GT and It is a real pleasure to use it every days.
    It’s sure that I will buy the K1600GT as soon as it will be possible.
    I guess the high admissible power from 1500t/mn will be wonderfull.
    Proud to have such a bike ? certainly !

  2. So I wake up from my nap and somebody is callin me an OLD FART?

    Well let me tell you, after I find my slippers I’m gonna hike my trousers up under my arm pits and…wait, what was I gonna do?

    While I appreciate advances in technology, for my money there is a point where I don’t think it’s worth it if it means such increases in physical size & weight. I don’t want a Royal Enfield but there is a point where the potential for MY enjoyment decreases as the weight and size of the bike increases.

  3. All these naysayers (all old farts?), I applaud BMW for bringing this out! Not that I could afford 1, but I love the technology. Who gets excited about a 650?

    And who needs a 6 cylinder tourer? I don’t know, ask all the happy Gold Wing owners!

  4. Why not the engine must be smooooth and it’a mechanical jewel remember the Honda 6 cyl it was a bike in a category above everything. Good job BMW

    I’m tired of Japanese Harley clone with bigger VTwin

  5. I am curious, will there be a post soon about a useful bike anytime soon? K1600 then GS750R one post before, yeah make that with GSX-R engine and call it a street fighter with racing fairing.

    Are all of these manufacturers truly stupid nowadays????

  6. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Who do they think we are, a nation of Jay Lenos? Hey, manufacturers? Any one home? A motorcycle is not a car. And a Hummer ain’t much of a handler. But in the north american bigger-is-better, my-hoss-is-bigger-than-your-hoss-boss world we currently live in, such obesity is becoming the norm. I guess now that we have the 2,300cc Triumph disaster, a 1,600cc like this is considered a mid-sized bike and those silly 650s are for young girls starting out.

  7. That’s pretty much exactly one Litre more than I need or want in a motorcycle, these days. Nothing quite like laying down 50% of your bike’s cost for your first year of insurance, now is there. Oh, what a feeling!

  8. Yes, why so big, my car has a 1.600 cc. engine, who needs a bike with that big engine ? ridicolous. My bike has a 650 cc. just perfect.

  9. “I am truly lost on this concept, whatever happened to smaller, nimbler, better handling …?”

    It was crushed under the growing assortment of oversized luxo-pig tourers, cruisers and stuff like this. I guess Amazonas were ahead of their time. I don’t get the bigger & bigger trend either. I guess they don’t want my money.

  10. Will someone please explain to me why I need a 1.6 litre anything ?
    I am truly lost on this concept, whatever happened to smaller, nimbler, better handling …?

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