Hungarians donate bike


Back on the road after taxi company, local bikers donate motorcycle.
Photo: AP/Bela Szandelszky

A Japanese motorcyclist whose bike
was stolen during a round-the-world tour is back on the road thanks to the
generosity of some riders in Budapest, Hungary.

Thirty-eight-year-old Kunio Aoki of Tokyo
left Yokohama, Japan, in July, but shortly after he arrived in Hungary, his
motorcycle and gear were stolen.

A taxi company and some local
motorcyclists have donated a motorcycle and the necessary gear to the Japanese
adventurer and got him back on his tour.

He says he’ll return to Hungary next
year to sell the bike and donate the money to charity.

Right now, he’s headed to South Africa, hoping to land there before the year is out. If you can read Japanese, visit his blog at and follow along.


  1. Nice – Hungarians are not especially wealthy these days, so this is a very nice gesture on their part. Good luck to the around-the-worlder.

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