New Hondas at Milan show


Some new Hondas could be based on the VFR package.

According to the U.K. web site Visordown
there will be eight new Hondas announced at the Milan motorcycle show
November. Whether it’s true, and whether any of them will come to
time will tell.

Two of the rumoured bikes are centred around the new 1,200 cc V-4
powers the VFR1200.

There’s supposed to be a new sport-touring bike
around the VFR platform that would replace the ST1300 (or Pan European,
it’s called in Europe), which makes sense. Variable valve timing and
selective cylinder firing depending on load are things that Honda’s
working on for half a decade, and that would be a good platform to
introduce such innovations.

There’s also supposed to be an "adventure touring" machine built
that same engine ­ which makes no sense to us, but Honda being Honda,
Supposedly the CBF600 is also getting a major make-over; we CMG types
the current one.

Not new in Europe or Japan is the VTR250, a trellis-frame V-twin that
would be a wonderful step up from Honda Canada’s wildly successful
Honda Canada people have hinted that something bigger in the "small"
category may be coming – ­ yes, please.

There’s also apparently going to be a new(ish) Gold Wing, but probably
until the 2012 model year. There are still 2009 models out there in the
chain, and the entire assembly line is being moved to Japan with a
re-start in production planned for some time in 2011. At this point
looks likely to be another revamp rather than a whole new motorcycle.


  1. Wow the Honda CB300R would be a perfect bike for me too!!! I want something small, cheap, no fairing and upright seated as my 1200 cc bikes are just to fast and expensive to buy and insure. The Suzuki TU250 would be nice too

  2. “There’s supposed to be a new sport-touring bike built around the VFR platform….”
    I thought that’s what the VFR was – a sport tourer?”

    Go figure that one out, eh? I guess the T is sold with bags, higher handlebars and few other bits and pieces … like airbag and impact absorbing crumple zones. Is this still a bike??? Throw in cylinder deactivation … oh boy, 2nd mortgage here I come. I’d just love to know who is telling Honda that there’s a strong demand for such a bike?

  3. “There’s supposed to be a new sport-touring bike built around the VFR platform….”

    I thought that’s what the VFR was – a sport tourer?

  4. Honda’s lineup is dreadful nowadays, so it would not be surprising if they release some new models. But I am sure, all fans of small cc bikes has learned their lesson with them and will believe VTR250 only when they see it. This rumor has been out for some time. Last time they promised step up from 125 was when they announced .. CBF600 :roll

  5. I havent really been inspired by Honda the last couple of years.. Ooops let me rephrase, the CBR 125 is a standout. Not that I own one or that Im a newb (lots O bikes so far). I have tried and liked it. Pricepoint is stellar.
    For my use Id like to see is a 125-250cc dualsport/scrambler do- it- all for a decent price. Possibility for panniers and enough suspension to suck up shitty roads (arent they all) The CRF’s and others (Sherpa’s XT and DR) are nice but too expensive for what it is (older tech)
    The higher end stuff is nice to look at but I dont have 15K$ for a bike. $3500 to $4200 I do

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