Sturgis rally in Canada


At Sturgis, they spend like crazy. So why not Salmon Arm, B.C.?

A British Columbia promoter hopes to set up a rally in 2011 that he’d
call "Sturgis North."

Ray Sasserville, who talked with the municipal council of
Salmon Arm,  B.C., this week,
figures he can get thousands of riders into the central British Columbia town
next summer. He said the annual Sturgis rally in South Dakota attracts a million bikers.

He’s telling the B.C. town that people who go to Sturgis are middle-aged, decently behaved, and like to spend money.

He said he’s already booked the town’s fairgrounds for next
July 10 – 20, but the Salmon Arm Fall Fair Society’s chairman says he hasn’t:
"There’s been no commitments. They haven’t contacted us yet at all," he told
the Salmon Arm Observer newspaper.

Sasserville, however, insists that this will happen, and he
says the crime rate will be lower at his event than has been
found at the Merritt Mountain MusicFest near Merritt, B.C.

Some Salmon Arm municipal officials are not thrilled about
the prospect of outlaw bikers showing up, but Sasserville says a prohibition
against club colours would take care of that.


  1. Can’t wait for the ride out! I just want to say thank you to the organizers. Yep gonna be a good time for all. SA will definately benifit. Safe Ride to all :grin

  2. To the terribly NEGATIVE DIP in Salmon valley.How can anyone so negative toward controlled growth of any kind for the next generations of adults we hope to stay here and grow still be living here !! Move Dude,! you wont be missed! Time for you and the so called ” COMMITEE ” to go find some soft sand for you’re heads. Please leave you’re address in order to welcome company to you’re negative home. 😕

  3. Your neighbors from Alberta have and will always enjoy your perfect summers in the Okanagan. How great it is to have a summer rally in Salmon Arm and be able to attend. I think the time is right the place is right and if the bikes come it will be a summer that will never be forgotten. We look forward to seeing everyone there. As far as the locals please forgive us for wanting to spend a few days in your magnificent area and leave you our money and smiles.


  4. I predict Sturgis North will be the biggest party Salmon Arm has ever seen and will raise lots of money for charity. How about checking your facts before making negative comments? It’s easy to sit on your butt in front of the computer and criticize; it’s a little harder to step up to the plate like the group organizing Sturgis North has.

  5. I’m sure Sturgis North will be a great success and bring on a new light to the Salmon Arm community.

    I lived in Salmon Arm in the past and “with the energy and money it will have brought in, it will allow the community to thrive once more.”

    I am bringing my children out to some events and of course to camp… I strongly believe it to be safe, fun and entertaining

    See you all there!!

  6. Anyone who’s been to the Black Hill Rallies knows how big it is. Going into every little town and truck stop catering to bikers.I’m looking foreward to it every year. Hope other communites embrace the oppritumity.Central BC has some of the best roads to ride. I’m 56 years old and make six figures.When Salmon arm see how much money will come to there area in Bikes,Motorhomes,toy haulers,and CASH.

  7. I think this is a great idea for any age motorcyclest. Myself and many of my friend will be there from Ontario.Keep the rubber side down and the shiney side up. Have a safe ride

  8. I am all for a rally being held in Salmon Arm, BUT… as an American who grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, moving here to this area because of marriage, and myself and my high school Daughter being treated extremely poorly (we were called “Bush Lovers”, we were put down, and told to go home on many occasions) by these Canadian people in this area. NOW, to STEAL a name like Surgis… come ON!!!! Make up your OWN god dam name. Sturgis is a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota, yes, they hold an awesome event, but call your event Salmon Arm, or Shuswap, or something of your OWN!!! Very pathetic way of trying to draw attention to your silly selves. Good Luck!

  9. I think it’s awesome that someone has devoted their to organize such an event as this . Not all of us good canadians can get across the border into the U S so it’s a good place for my bro’s and I to get together and spend some quality time together. Let the party begin! 🙂 Canadian BADASS! :roll

  10. Why knock it, if you don’t like the Sturgis North, don’t come. Who is forcing anyone to attend. go elsewhere if this is not for you.

  11. I think Sturgis is so successful because it is more central to North America so having a big Rally in BC doesnt fit into a lot of riders plans from Eastern Canada and the USA. As for stoping people who wear Colors is not going to work because I belong to a Law Enforcement club and I am proud to wear my colors and am not an outlaw club so why even try that.

  12. Tried to buy tickets and could not. Inquired about lodging and no one would get back to me. Two occasions I’ve asked questions and no response.
    May be well advised to keep your money until closer to the event

  13. I’m all for another rally, but I’m not about to award any points for creativity when it comes to naming the event. “Sturgis North”, where’s the Canadian pride in that.

  14. I have yet to hear anything about the thousands of dollars being raised by this event for the childrens hospital cancer ward , or the canadian cancer society or the Salmon arm food bank .
    As a matter of fact I have not heard mention of the millions of tourism dollars being brought into the community in these tough economic times . I don’t see any of the naysayers thinking of how they
    can generate this kind of assistance to their community.what a bunch of little bitches complaining about a little noise and overlooking the benefits asscociated with this event for their own selfish concerns.

  15. The Sturgis North event is a joke for Salmon Arm, and the summer stomp is a pain in the ASS for anyone one who lives in Silver Creek were the event is held, which I do and have for over 20 years,and for those who stay that the event is going to get get sued by Sturgis i wish it will but unfortunaly it cant because its in Canada and there are differnt copy-write laws.. so good luck with that one.. All I ask is that people Boycot this event!!!!

  16. I am so excited! I really hope this will happen if not Salmon Arm anywhere in BC! Why should the United States be able to have the only Sturgis! I think Canadians are clearly responsible enough to host a Sturgis North!

  17. Kudo’s to all you organizers for getting this ride organized. Share the experiences of riding on some of the best bike routes in Canada. Also there are a lot of riders to go around and enjoy all of the events throughout the area. Ride Safe

  18. 🙂 Oh i just found out about this awesome event..coming out from Nova Scotia…pumped. Salmon Arm watch out there are gonna be some good times to be had…and I’ll try to play nice. For all you naysayers…sucker up buttercup.

  19. Wow, typical Tim Horton weekend warriors making a big deal out if something they really have no understanding of. Sharing the sturgis name or not, process of site selection or not, who are you to complain. Someone is taking the huge effort to put something like this together for everyones enjoyment and doing it closer to home for so many of us Canadian riders.
    Shut up and drink your coffee.
    Thanks for the effort and Myself and many friends will be there from Alberta to share in the experience and be thankful for the opportunity. 😉

  20. I’m not a Harley owner….Yam Roadstar myself…but I have to agree with others before me on this thread. There is only ONE Sturgis…I was there this summer. While this may very well be a great event…it sounds to me more like a revival of the Merrit Mountain Music Festival. Good luck but it doesn’t sound to me like a motorcycle rally

  21. I will certainly bring my “cruiser” up from Kelowna to enjoy the festival. About time we had something that doesn’t require two weeks off work and 2000 miles of travel. As far as the name goes I think “Sturgis” is associated with a bunch of riders all with common ideas out to have a good time – no one is taking anything away from the South Dakota rally. See you there – Let’s Ride!

  22. Gone to Oyster Run in Anacortes for the last few years, thousands of bikes and have yet to see an argument let alone a fight.

  23. Kudos to a new rally most of the older ones around the ok valley changed dates and venues so many times i cant be bothered or they just petered out the stomp is still good although enforcement is absolutelly sick i hope this goes well and the .5 patrol leaves it the hell alone.buddy who doesnt want cruisers on the road i say trailer up your plastic junk and return to quebec

  24. :grin yeah bring it on,finally a productive event for us. to all the negative comments,they are fear based,from people who are not true to the freedom of riding wallets full and i will be in salmon arm next year to ac/dc put it for those about to rock we salute you.for those about to put on sturgis north we salute you.kudos to the few freedoms we have left in this fascist country.

  25. The rally in Sturgis is called the “Black Hills Motorcycle Rally”.
    Unless Sturgis registered there name in Canada, it could be hard to bring any legal action. (official couch lawyer ref. Matlock)
    The residents may have some valid concerns and the vacation crowd will not be happy during this short time.
    See you there!

  26. CON’T
    I applaud anyones attempt to organize a new event for us enthusiasts to attend. There are conflicting events here in the Lower Mainland every weekend it seems, so what the big deal with another event in Merritt? People will make a choice and many may attend both as the two cities are not that far apart. There is no need for any conflict and it would actually be in the interests of both events to cross-promote. They could even organize a ride from one event to the other and back.

    Just my 2 cents.

  27. I find it interesting that so many fellow riders are willing to rip on others for their efforts to promote our beloved sport/pastime and choice of bike.

    Some blogger at the start of this thread states “there are too many cruisers clogging up the twisties in BC”. What kind of asinine remark is that? Get stuffed buddy!!

    If any of the other nay-sayers are motivated to do all the enormous work associated with organizing such an event, then you have the right to an opinion. If you are NOT willing to do what it takes, then keep the snide comments to yourself.

  28. 22 years ago with hard work and dedication from a small group of friends the Stomp was born, Today there are 6 original members and countless volunteers. Thousands of $’s were donated to the community…and now it has turned into something so big, Sturgis North will insure thier legacy lives on. I only look forward to this oppurtunity for the Stomp, and for the busness’s of SA Watch out Shuswap, thousands of bikers from all over the world are coming to a town near you! Good Job Mike, Howard, Darcy, Larry, Terry and Leslie. If you personally know the situation, only then you should comment…..

  29. The Sturgis SD Chamber of Commerce sued Sturgis, KY for calling their rally “Little Sturgis” and the town names were identical.
    Imagine the law suite heading to Canada!

  30. My God people if your not excited about this shit, you may be dead, or at least some of the lamest people I have ever heard of. I’m already dancing my tite ass off.

  31. One last comment before I head off for dinner.

    The Meritt Mountain Music Festival was shut down because of financing issues, potentially due to some shady dealing, but this is unconfirmed.

    Also, the “great canadian bike” rally was created after Ray presented his idea to the organizers of that event. It’s highly suspect that the great canadian bike rally has become a player, offering almost exactly the same forum as the Sturgis North event after hearing of the plans.

    As Canadian Riders, I’m a little surprised that you would not want to be supportive of a sanctioned Sturgis event in out count

  32. I also forgot to mention that the Source of your article is the SalmonArmObserver.

    A publication which has actively spoken out against the SalmonArmStomp – a motorcycle rally in the town of SalmonArm which celebrated it’s 22annual this year. The authors are bias and firmly against the presence of Riders.

    I’m not saying that Ray is entirely in the clear with his comments, but you really need to learn to cite your sources and do your homework before attempting to slander both an individual and what could be a great canadian event for riders of all ages.


  33. You should really consider the sources to your blogging before your spread slander sir.

    The facts are:
    1) Ray stated the average attendee is “Middle Aged, Well Behaved, and Ready to Spend” (nowhere did it say “young”) – this is a factual statement provided by the organizers of the Sturgis rally in South Dakota

    2) The Fairgrounds chairman had no knowledge of the booking of the grounds because he is not responsible for such things, and therefore was not approached.

    3) The Sturgis rally in the US actually has a city ordinance against the wearing of colours.

    Research before blogging.

  34. The only reason that Mr. Sasserville is holding this in Salmon Arm is because he couldn’t get Merritt because there is already a motorcycle rally being held there on the same dates…not because of any rape…….Dirty Pool I would say Mr. Sasserville!???

    Anyone who lives in Merritt knows what the real reason is behind the music fest shutting down.

    The Great Canadian Bike Rally being held in Merritt is to benefit “THE KIDS”.

  35. Costa is absolutely right there is only one Sturgis. This event would be better off in a place like Ashcroft BC where there is lots of room, Eagle Motor Plex could be availible for drag racing and lot of room for camping and expantion in the future.

  36. “I nominate Blackie for Grand Marshal!”

    Oh fer cryin’ out loud….

    I shall not seek, nor will I accept, the nomination for Grand Marsal of this event…unless I get to wear a shiney badge and carry a sceptor.

  37. Your joking….have a Sturgis Canada and ban colours? Anyone with a patch? Good luck to that! Are you going to control that? Good Lord!

  38. There is only one Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and it’s in South Dakota. I say Mr. Sasserville ponders calling the rally something other than Sturgis North. Trying to capitalize on that name for a rally held on a fairgrounds just isn’t right. If you attend only one biker rally in your lifetime, make it Sturgis.

  39. Ha Ha
    “He’s telling the B.C. town that people who go to Sturgis are young, decently behaved, and like to spend money.” :grin

    … young and decently behaved.., perhaps when compared to the typical Victoria garden tourist… The only young motorcyclists these days are racing MX. I won’t disagree with the money part.

    The last thing BC needs is more cruisers clogging up the twisties. The organizor would be better off doing a Sturgis North in the prairies, where cruisers belong.

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