Corduroy Enduro this weekend


Corduroy Enduro returns this weekend.

The Corduroy Enduro takes place at
Gooderham, Ontario, this weekend, and as usual, RallyConnex will
stage a dual-sport ride on Sunday for spectators.

The RallyConnex ride will get you out
to some good viewing spots for the enduro competition. The route
includes key spectator areas and some optional technical riding areas
that lead back to the main route. Aggressive tires are necessary for
these optional riding areas.

GPS units are necessary for the
dual-sport ride, but RallyConnex can rent you one if you don’t have

Dave Hatch, star of TV’s "Motorcycle
Experience," will be on hand with cameras rolling throughout the
weekend event.

For more on the Corduroy Enduro and
RallyConnex’s dual-sport ride, see


  1. I’m heading there to help out for the event with my Enduro bike. It’s Headquartered in Gooderham at the top of the 507. One of the finest, fast flowing motorcycle roads in Ontario. There’ll be good spectator points and ‘special tests’. Go for an early fall ride and make this a destination. Spectator information at the main hall. check out the website for more info.

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