Triumph's new 800 a Tiger


Triumph’s new Tiger awaits its stripes.

Triumph’s new adventure bike will be called the Tiger 800.

Triumph has filed an application with the California
Air Resources Board and listed two models, a Tiger 800 – which would be a
street bike — and a Tiger 800XC — which will be equipped with a 21-inch front
wheel for off-road work.

The 800 cc models have not been officially announced  by Triumph, but the British company has
posted YouTube video that shows them in action and will show the bikes this
fall. Engines are based on the 675 cc motor from the Daytona street bike and
have been boosted to 800 cc by increasing the stroke.

Competition for the new Tigers will be bikes
like BMW’s F800 series, and weight and power will likely be similar — somewhere
around 200 kg and 100 hp. See for more details.


  1. Regarding Blackie’s comment, the F800 is a bloody gem in every version I’ve tried (all of them). I’ve also liked all the Tigers I’ve ridden (all of them) and the 675 is a marvel. I know Bondo thinks the street version of the Tiger 800 might be an RRSP-breaker, and I agree that the potential is there.

  2. “….weight and power will likely be similar — somewhere around 200 kg and 100 hp.”

    The F800 has about 80 horsepower. Its sure to be outgunned by the Triumph.

  3. This could be promising, if they’ve eliminated the stupid jacked-up tail section of the current Tiger 1050, as well as its ugly chrome handlebar and plain, boring dash. By most accounts the current Tiger is quite good functionally, and actually pretty competitive price-wise. They should update the 1050 and rectify those issues I mentioned, too.

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