Meeting on B.C. law changes


In Washington and Oregon, helmet standards are more strict. Fatal crashes are fewer.

The B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists
will hold an information meeting on Wednesday about proposed changes
to motorcycling rules.

The provincial government is
considering a bill aimed at improving motorcyclist safety. Bill 14
will require that all motorcyclists wear approved helmets, will
toughen licensing requirements for new riders, and will make new
riders wear clothing that enhances visibility, among other changes.

The B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and
Solicitor General asked interested groups to discuss the province’s
proposed safety improvements and in late November 2009 sent a
document to the coalition that outlined these changes. The document
also asked several questions, among them: What standards do you
recommend the Province adopt with respect to approved motorcycle
helmets? (Example: Snell, CSA, DOT, ECE, etc.)

What issues would arise in limiting
power-to-weight ratios for riders in the learner stages?

What changes to the supervisor
requirement would you like to see, and why?

If we create a class 6 probation
period, what restriction would you support being applied?

The coalition has written back to
protest these changes, claiming that improving rider training would
be more effective.


The B.C. COM will host the information
meeting at the Justice Institute in Westminster on Wednesday evening.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

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  1. “Maybe drivers in BC are way better than the useless shit clumps here in Ontario.” :grin Yea, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one!!

  2. Typical answer by a car driver that hits a motorcyclist is ” I didn’t see him “. That to me is a statement of guilt period.You then proceed to jail.

  3. So motorcyclists are getting injured by drivers and the solution is to penalize the cyclists with more regulations.

    Mandatory fines, suspended licences and probation for motorists who hit cyclists and motorcyclists should be the solution.

    Treat them like drunk drivers. If you can’t enough of your attention on the road to stop running into a motorcycle you should lose your licence.

  4. The BCCoM lost my respect when they fought noise restrictions, and now they don’t want a helmet standard either. Both things seem pretty sensible to me. They only bang the drum of required training, and no other restrictions.

  5. Instead of going for more thorough rider training, if the coalition wants to improve rider safety they should look at more thorough driver training.
    Although, having said that, I’ve never ridden out there. Maybe drivers in BC are way better than the useless shit clumps here in Ontario.

  6. The critical word in that sentence was “approved.” The provincial government wants uniformity of helmet approval, so only DOT-approved helmets would be legal, for instance.

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