Cdn imports up, U.S. down


Canadian demand for bikes like this Suzuki GSX650F has increased.

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers exported more than 1,500
bikes to Canada in July, an increase of more than 50 percent over July 2009.

Exports into the United States declined, however.

The Japan
Automobile Manufacturers Association, which represents the big four Japanese
manufacturers and others, said 5,445 motorcycles were exported to the U.S. in
July, a decrease of 39 percent compared to the previous July.

Exports to the U.S. also fell off for the first half of the
year, down 24 percent compared to the first six months of 2009.


  1. I’d still like to see the numbers, broken down by displacement and on/off road suitability. Until we see that, its all just speculation…

  2. Nope, because the unanswered question is why are the manufacturers (collectively speaking) ignoring the small cc market in Canada if CBR125R and Ninja 250R are both good sellers. There’s still a sizable gap before you hit 600cc wall …. I don’t count the Ninja 400R, because it’s really detuned 600R (and not detuned enough on the price tag).

    The clue is to stop selling and developing stuff like VFR1200, DN-01 and army of 650 mildly tuned street bikes. Isn’t there enough of them already??

  3. If a major portion of the bikes coming in are the smaller sized ones, it bodes well for the future of teh sdport as these may well be purchases made by new riders. Did I answer both questions?

  4. Question – how many of those Canadian imports were CBR125Rs and Ninja 250s ? If they are a significant percentage, what is that telling the manufacturers ?
    I guess that’s two questions….

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