Norton eyes MotoGP


Norton looking for upgraded image.

Grids for MotoGP races in 2012 could
look quite different if rumours of new manufacturer efforts pay off.

An Austrian journalist has claimed that
Norton wants to run two bikes in the ’12 series, when rules will
allow motors up to 1,000 cc in displacement.

Norton’s website states that the
company plans to upgrade its image from that of reborn Britbike to
modern, high-tech motorcycle maker.

Aprilia and BMW are also said to have
indicated interest in the MotoGP series, though not necessarily
through factory teams.


  1. Well I was at the Isle Of Man TT. When Norton gave Honda a real good run for there Money with the Rotary Bike. Under budget and outclassed by the factory Honda Team, they really pissed on Honda Fireworks at the senior race. Trevor Nation could have won the Race if he didn’t chose Slicks on wet Mountain Roads and Hislops Honda only just won.
    Last I herd Norton was resurrecting The Rotary Engine and redesigning it. It had a ton of power, just didn’t have the Legendary Handling to manage it.
    Norton does not have a bottomless pit of money like Mr Honda to throw at Racing. But they get my support

  2. I’ll admit that the new Nortons may have a future as motorcycles for the rich and famous to be seen on, but seriously, as MotoGP racers? What a colossal waste of someone’s time and money that would be!

    But wait… maybe not! This ‘announcement’ did get Norton some free PR on CMG as today’s lead story, didn’t it? And there might even be someone out there who’ll take them seriously (haha)!

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