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Dave Rae on his R1200RT with wife Sandy on the back. Sandy actually filled in the entry for Dave and (even if she denies it) will be expecting a pretty nice gift when you get home Dave.
Trust us on this.

Congratulations to David Rae of Oakville, Ontario who was the lucky name to be drawn as the winner for Renedian Adventures trip to South Africa and Namibia in October!

Dave’s winning entry was registered after seeing the travelling seminar at Budds BMW in Ontario. He has won his flight from Canada to Cape Town, South Africa and a 13 day African tour which includes 3500 kilometres along ocean coastlines, mountain passes and the wide open deserts and dunes of South Africa and Namibia – all on 2010 F800GSs.  

“It’s going to be a great adventure to experience the open roads and vistas of South Africa and Namibia. Winning a trip like this is very special, and I’m looking forward to enjoying my favourite pastime in an exotic location with Rene and the other riders.” Said a jubilant Dave Rae.
Dave has lived in South Africa before but has not had the opportunity before now to venture into the Kalahari desert or Namibia. When not riding in exotic climes, Dave rides a R1200RT BMW for touring and has a F800S when the need for a quick burst of fun riding takes over.

Rene would like to thank everyone who entered and added that he had such a positive response this year, that he’ll be repeating the competition in 2011 starting at the Toronto Motorcycle Show in December, 2010. 

If you’re interested in joining Dave there is still a spot available for the October 3-16 tour, and three spots open for the October 24 – November 6 tour. The tour price is $5,900 and includes the BMW motorcycle, but not flights. For full tour agenda. pricing and itinerary, please visit



  1. Geez, maybe next year someone who owns a lowly KLR and not a pair of BMWs, doesn’t travel exotic places, and would have to cash in the RRSPs to go on the Africa trip, can actually win. Not that I know anyone like that. 😡

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