Yamaha wants you!



Yamaha wants Bryan Hudgin out of the office.

Following up on last year’s three-day trek from Montreal to Toronto aboard a Yamaha BWS125 on $25 of gas, Yamaha Canada’s Bryan Hudgin is looking for a new challenge.

The folks at Yamaha Canada had a tough time deciding what to do with Hudgin to get him out of the office, so they’re asking the public for suggestions.

Do you want to send him north to James Bay, west through the Rockies, maybe east towards the Maritimes? Maybe somewhere really remote?

You can post your suggested challenge on Yamaha’s motorcycle blog, under the "Leave a Comment" section before August 15th.

Whetever Hudgin will be up to, it will be televised on TSN’s A Motorcycle Experience in the spring of 2011.

As the originators of the Mad Bastard rally, we suggest Mr. Hudgin ups the ante and do it on a 50 cc C Cubed scooter.



  1. Send him to James Bay.
    In July I did the James Bay Highway from Matagami to Radisson on my 1982 Honda 70 Passport…because I am a Mad Bastard alumni class of 2009.
    Tell him to take a gas can….610km each way…one gas station in- between…very ..very little traffic…experience priceless.

  2. Send ’em down here to the Rock … let him challenge the Avalon Peninsula’s “Irish Loop” … or the Great Northern Peninsula … even better, Baie Comeau, PQ across the Trans-Labrador highway to Goose Bay, NL on a Scooter! Over 1200kms thru one of the most remote, rugged roads in Eastern North America … now that’d be an adventure worth following!

  3. Scooters are designed for urban transportation. Freewheeling along highway #2 on an oversized scooter is not a fair challenge. Put that guy on a 50cc BWS and send him into rush hour traffic in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and see what kind of reception the commuting masses give him. Hell, see if he can even survive.

  4. How about a 110 Lagenda? They spent 100 million or whatever on the new Vmax. Why not spend 1 million and take a chance on a proven bike?

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