New 848 is power champ


848 EVO in Ducati Red: 140 hp and $1,000 worth of paint.

Ducati says its new 848 EVO Superbike
is the "most powerful middleweight sport bike on the market."

With a Testastretta Evoluzione L-twin
making a claimed 140 hp at 10,500 rpm and 72 lb-ft of torque at 9,750
rpm, it owns the power crown in its category, the company says.

Based on the 848 Superbike, the EVO
comes with a number of upgrades based on road racing feedback "and
consumer demand." New cylinder heads, pistons, throttle bodies, and
cams head the list of changes for the motor.

Chassis and brake upgrades include a
cross-mounted steering damper, Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires,
and Brembo Monobloc callipers machined from alloy. Dry weight is 369
lb (167.4 kg).

U.S. prices will be $12,995 for a
"Dark" model painted in black, and $13,995 for Ducati red — the
same price as the 2010 848. No word on Canadian pricing yet. The 848 EVO will be in dealerships at the
end of August.


  1. Never thought I would hear an 850 labelled a “middleweight”! There was a time when a 500 was a big bike. I guess whatever spin it takes to position yourself as a class leader is all that’s required! :roll

  2. See here, 848 2008 (4.1gal tank) model numbers … so if the tank is that much bigger, then yes it would be bigger difference

    Weight: 435 lb (197kg) wet; 410 lb (186kg) dry

    Page 5 [url=]here [/url]

    I am bored as well … :grin

  3. I looked up the fuel capacity of the 848 EVO and found it to be 4.1 gallons. With gasoline having a weight per gallon of about 6.216 lbs per gallon, the fuel alone would weigh just over 25 pounds alone. Im guessing closer to 420 ready to go.
    Which still undercuts my GSXR 600 by about 20lbs.

    Im bored.

  4. Only add 30 pounds? The claimed dry weight of my cbr929rr was 379 but curb weight is 420/430. We’ll see how honest Ducati is with their claim of 369.

  5. “248 EVO”. Mr Thornton has been sent to remedial math class. Should be back tomorrow reciting his times table.

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