BMW Recall (#2010207)


R1200GS Adventure

Models Involved: 2006–2007 R1200GS Adventure

Number of Vehicles: 247

Problem On certain motorcycles, the nuts on the fuel tank front attachment bolts can work themselves loose, allowing the bolts to slip toward the inboard side and come into contact with the fork leg if the handlebar is turned a significant amount. This situation could limit the travel range of the handlebars, affect the handling and maneuverability of the motorcycle, and increases the risk of a crash causing property damage, personal injury or death.

Correction: Dealers will inspect and repair affected vehicles as required.


  1. I don’t think one’s better off with Japanese product. The ‘big four’ can be guilty of shoddy engineering, however, as LP says, the point is most riders buy illogically.(Bike vs. car’s a red herring.) BMW, Ducati, KTM, all have some unique engineering innovations, but is that the real reason for the usual price difference, or other socieconomic factors? Well, it makes for good myth-making to maintain that it’s due to superior Euro engineering. MotoGP, WSB, might imply Jap engineers are as good/better. Showroom models are different story.

    Kudos to BMW for recent novel designs – steering, etc

  2. Just because the bike is well engineered doesn’t mean that the guy on the assembly line is too.
    Bolts falling off a $20k bike? Please indeed.
    Where’s quality control?

  3. No .. happens to all manufacturers. Why would anyone judge by the amount of recalls, the quality of engineering? Like the brands who never have recalls are the best engineered??? Please …

  4. Gotta wonder about “Superior German engineering”. After what I`ve seen with a couple guys I know who own German cars…uhh,I don`t think so. Flame away,my ancestry is mostly German.

  5. I would agree with all of the above.
    However there is a certain machine personality which many BMW’s have that can cause an illogical attachment.
    Ducati’s are another example of no pain no gain illogical thinking.
    KTM too.
    For that matter, riding a bike instead of a car is another example of illogical thinking.
    BMW has done some neat outside the box(er) engineering over the years and I feel it livens up the motorcycle landscape.
    However in purely practical terms, you might indeed be better off on a Japanese product. Go for it, you have earned the right to be smug about your logical choice.

  6. I’ve been noticing the same thing Stagman, but it must be us, ’cause we know – well we’ve been told – that BMW are the finest engineered bikes in the world. That’s what you pay the highest price for, that’s why you take it up the rear for the servicing & parts. It’s true that Ewan & Charlie could’ve done the trip more easily & cheaply on, say, a couple of Suzuki DR650s, but what the heck’s the point of that? Without the blue & white roundel none would have cared. It’s been called “conspicuous consumption”.

    Cue chorus of testimonials from Bavarianphiles defending their superior product.

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