Multistrada, Thunderbird: best


Multistrada, one of the best.

World Magazine has named the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport "Best
Open Streetbike" for 2010.

declaration comes in the mag’s 10-best awards issue, and Ducati North
America says it’s "one of the most desirable accolades in the
entire motorcycle industry." But of course.

CMG readers won’t be surprised by the honour, as an exclusive on the Multistrada launch by Costa Mouzouris illustrates the strengths of this motorcycle.

their review of the Multistrada, Cycle World says this: "Corner
carving in many regions has degenerated into an endurance contest,
wherein hardened enthusiasts suffer through hours of low bars, high
pegs and thin seats in a quest for sportbikedom’s Holy Grail, the
apex. This is why the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport is a
revelation. With its broad, high-leverage handlebar and bolt-upright
ergonomics, a punchy, superbike-sourced 135-horsepower liquid-cooled
V-Twin and 17-inch wheels, the newest Multi is comfortable and fun
and fast everywhere — a true horizon-expander."

Though not as well-written as Costa’s exclusive for CMG, the Cycle World item pretty much echoes his comments.

Other best-of 2010 bikes
chosen by the U.S. magazine include the Kawasaki Z1000 in the
standard class, KTM’s 990 Adventure R in the dual sport class, and
Triumph’s Thunderbird 1600 in the cruiser class.


  1. It may be a great bike, and it’s a little less fugly than it used to be, but the Multistrada wins no beauty contests. Are a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal mutually exclusive on a motorcycle now? And the Z1000 is a standard? Plasticky transformer is more like it. I suppose I yearn for a standard in the style of days long gone. Where is the design talent at motorcycle companies today? This is what happens when societies give in to the ‘ascendency of the engineer’ and ignore the passion that draws us to bikes in the first place.

  2. I guess nobody at Cycle World ever rode an FZ1 or Bandit 12. Now I’m not putting down the Duc, but it’s not like the concept of a nicely ergoed bike with a sport derived engine is earth shattering.

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