Mother of all Monsters


Who’s your mummy? Looks more photo-chop/clay model than a studio-shot though.

Following the appearance of "spy
" of a new Ducati super-Monster, the rumours of a radical new Ducati have been picking up steam.

What might be called a D-Max is a
power-cruiser with a fat rear tire, a single-sided swingarm, radially
mounted front callipers, USD forks, and a 1098 twin for power.


  1. Seems to be a lot of nay sayers here on this bike styling.Sorry to see that as a lot of “CRUISER TYPES” will like this bike.There is a lot of respect for Ducati across the board and this bike is right up there with the M109R and V-rod crowd.Especially if it can come in under 600 lbs and fit an over 6 foot rider.We will come if you build it.Somehow I do not think it will happen though.

  2. If Ducati builds this, I am changing my Italian surname to “Smith”.
    Good god, WTF are they thinking over there????

  3. P.S. in addition to ugly, isn’t this design / appearance rather derivative? My technical knowledge is next to nil but aren’t there a number of other bikes with that hunched-shoulders, big airscoops kind of look? Like a V-max wannabe or something.

  4. Wow that’s just ugly.
    Pacific Coast? Hahahahahah. Sorry that happens to me every time I see one of those. (There are a couple in Halifax I see often, too.)
    I saw a Victory “Vision” in person the other day, first one I’d seen. It’s just silly looking. Kind of like this, but in a different way.

  5. That POS will fall into the same category as the Rune, Madura, Pacific Coast, etc. It will sell a few to people who are attracted to radical (some would argue just plain ugly) designs. In one word… FAIL. :upset :eek

  6. “If they list it for monster prices, than it’ll sell easy. ”

    Yeah, surely with the components (incl. 1098 mill) they listed and the cumbersome design, it will not come close to Monster prices.

  7. I’m tired of V2 engines why not a inline 4 it’s much more smoother and will rev up happily and 4 pots is much nicier to look at than 2. Too many bikes offer V2 configuration I’m sick of V2.

  8. I love how some of the stereotypes come up in these type of chats. There’s no shortage of us “cruiser losers” who love powerfull cruisers – there’s probably a higher % of harley owners who big bore or seriously mod their engines then there are sportbikers who do the same. Remember, it’s real world off the line power that North Americans love…not 160whp at 12000rpm type stats.

    If they list it for monster prices, than it’ll sell easy.

  9. Won’t sell except to a few. “Cruiser Loosers” won’t touch it because it’s too radical, Italian, and not a Harley. I hear way too many times even the cruiser guys that have a metric, still aspire to go with a Harley one day, so how will this play out? Ducati should back away from this idea and concentrate on other markets.

  10. Sorry, but this begs the question:

    “What do you get when you cross a Duck with a Hog? Why, a Dog, of course!

  11. If true, don’t come Ducati crying that they don’t sell. I doubt that the manufacturers are struggling due to the economy, considering the ridiculous offerings they’ve come out with as of late …

  12. Radical is right . Sort of. Won’t sell in volume .The sport guys won’t like it’s cruser ergos and the Cruiser guys won’t like the radical looks.

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