P2D 2010 – stats

All the stats on how well (or not) everyone managed to do at the 2010 P2D.

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Patrick Trahan — who was the only Canadian to finish the real Dakar rally this year — was at the P2D on this Honda Varadero. He’s obviously game for a laugh, but not too surprisingly, his team did not finish.

Photo: JP Schroeder

So who ‘won’ the P2D 2010? Well, first we should mention that this event is not a race but more of a challenge to make it through the entire course.

If you finish it without bailing then you’re a winner, but there’s certain bragging rights to being the first ones into Dacre and this year it was the same team as in 2008; Team Orange Crush!

Here’s the list of finishers (in order with their elapsed time after departure):

1) Team Orange Crush – 13:15
2) Team FTV – 14:10  (they were within 1 minute of Orange Crush at Bail three, but had a flat in the last section that cost them almost an hour!)
3) Valley Bomb Squad – 14:31
4) BMA Bombers – 15:13
5) Warren’s Orange Inside Team – 15:17
6) Fat Girl Racing – 15:27
7) Africa HP2 – 16:52


106 riders at the starting line.
Photo: JP Schroeder

In all there were 31 teams who entered, representing 106 individuals at the starting line.

Only 8 teams/30 people actually finished the event, though a total of 78 actually showed up in Dacre (including Team CMG and various support crew), the rest are likely rotting somewhere just short of Highway 41 …

Interestingly, despite the rain and slippery conditions this year, those numbers are almost identical to 2008 (the last time the P2D ran).

And finally, almost half the motorcycles at the start were KTMs, but represented 80% of those that finished. Honda, Suzuki and BMW’s also made it to the end.



Rally Connex big cheese, Kevin Burnett (left) at the Riders’ Meeting.
Photo: Darrin Kemp

Rally Connex for doing all the grunt and grind in making something like this happen. Without these type of people the world would be a much duller place.

Honda Canada for supplying the XR650L. We were also supposed to have a 2010 KTM 690R Enduro but they bailed, stating that it might get muddy …

Costa, JP, Stephanie, Roxanne and Richard of Team CMG who managed to give it a valiant attempt despite Vernon and ‘Arris dropping out at the last minute.


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