Cat & Fiddle is to die for


Cats fiddle while motorcyclists die.

Improvements to a dangerous road in
Britain have reduced serious collisions there by almost 75 percent
over a three-year period, but lower speed limits on another road have
not had a good effect.

The most dangerous road in England,
the Cat and Fiddle, is still a killer despite some speed reduction

The A40 from Llandovery to Carmarthen
was named the most-improved road in the U.K. after improvements were
made to junctions and markings, and the road was repaved with
high-friction material. The number of serious crashes fell from 27 in
the three-year period of 2003–2005 before the improvement program
to seven in the three years after the fix-up.

The Road Safety Foundation has
suggested that such improvements could save lives on other roads and
are relatively inexpensive when compared to medical and other costs
resulting from collisions.

The A537 "Cat and Fiddle" road from
Macclesfield, Cheshire, to Buxton, Derbyshire, is a popular ride for
motorcyclists, but is a crasher. The number of fatal and serious
collisions on that road escalated from 15 in the 2003–2005
period to 34 in the three years from 2006–2008. Speed reduction
measures haven’t worked, apparently, but the kind of improvements
made to the A40 have not been done on the Cat and Fiddle, where sharp
turns, drop-offs, and stone walls are abundant.

The Road Safety Foundation’s report
points out that if motorcyclists are excluded from the data, the most
dangerous road in Britain is not the Cat and Fiddle, but the A18 in
North East Lincolnshire.


  1. Perhaps the pub is the culprit. i believe it is the highest in the UK at an elevation of 1690 feet above see level

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