Tent with your bike


Your bike deserves this.

A U.S. company has developed a tent
that might be ideal for motorcycle camping. The Ténéré Expedition
Tent is large enough to hold not only the riders, but their

The Nomad Tent Company says erecting
the Ténéré is easy and utterly sensible: you set up an outer
portion first, so you and your bike are inside while you set up the
inner, sleeping accommondations.

Instantly out of the rain or wind,
and you can pack your bike while inside the tent, then roll the bike
out, roll up the outer wall and stow it, and Bob’s your auntie.

The tent is great for rallies, car
camping, or even bicycle camping, they say. It weighs six kg and
packs into a space 20 by 53 cm, yet will hold two adults and 1200
ccs. Cost is $400 U.S., but that’s just a couple of nights at the kind of
inn you enjoy, isn’t it? And do they let you bring your bike into the
living room with you?

See nomadtent.com for more.


  1. What a refreshing wake up in the morning no more bad breath coming from my wife mouth. I prefer by far exhaust fumes.

  2. Just be sure not to lounge in your tent during the morning while you warm your bike up… You may never make it our alive! 🙂

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