ZX-10 a thing of 'beauty'


New ZX-10 is in development.

Kawasaki’s next ZX-10 superbike was
designed to win races.

The Ninja’s shape, material, rigidity,
and weight of all its parts were re-evaluated in the process, making
it a completely new motorcycle.

How do we know this? Kawasaki told us,
on their teaser website for the Next Big Kawasaki Thing (NBKT).

Kawasaki says its NBKT is "an
expression" of "cutting-edge innovation and beauty." 

There’s even a short video to get you
in the mood.

Click on Teaser Movie or Design Sketch at kawasaki-challenge.com and see what


  1. If the new ZX-10 is designed to win races tehn I’ll guess the previous one is fulfillijg its design parameters by losing races…frequently.

    Ugly AND and loser – a winning combination? I’m confused.

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