Cellphone locates victim


Bali, where Canadian woman is in hospital after motorcycle crash.

A British Columbia family is raising money to
bring home their 31-year-old daughter, who was injured in a
motorcycle collision in Bali.

Kobe Sturton was vacationing with her
boyfriend when their motorcycle was hit by a vehicle. Sturton
fell off and was then reportedly hit by another vehicle.

Now, she’s
in a Bali hospital in stable condition, but her injuries are serious.
She has an uncommon blood type and may need more blood.

Members of Sturton’s family in Nanaimo,
B.C., are planning fundraisers, and an account has been set up at
Scotiabank for donations that will help bring her home and may even
pay for blood donors to go to Bali.

Sturton will go to Nanaimo Regional
General Hospital when she is brought back to Canada.

Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, a cellphone helped RCMP find the body of a motorcyclist who crashed his 2004 Yamaha on

Police said they found the body of the
48-year-old rider in a ditch not far from his starting point of
Hammonds Plain, Nova Scotia. He had left that morning for Bridgewater but wasn’t found until nearly midnight.

The motorcyclist had taken his
cellphone with him, and the phone had a GPS service. Police contacted
his cellphone company and were led to the ditch southwest of Halifax.

RCMP are trying to figure out why the
man crashed.


  1. The other thing for folks to do is make a phone entry under the name ICE (In Case of Emergency) and make the phone number someone who should be contacted. EMT will look for that name on your cell phone. Coincidental to the article my only next of kin in Canada lives in Hammonds Plains.

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