America's most deadly


America: beautiful, but deadly!

The deadliest highways in America have
been named by reporters working for the Daily Beast, a blog-and-news

"Some roads are more dangerous than
others — reckless or distracted drivers seem to congregate on certain
highway corridors, while poor road maintenance is another common
cause of collisions," the Daily Beast story says.

Reporters there looked at five years’
worth of crash data from the National Highway Safety Administration,
compared numbers of collisions with numbers of miles driven from 2004
to 2008, and came up with a list. Florida hits top spot for danger
with I-95 claiming 1.73 fatal collisions for each of the highway’s
382 miles.

Michigan claims the 100th
worst highway with 0.45 fatal accidents per mile of the 192-mile-long

Florida also gets the No. 3 highway,
which is I-4 (1.58 fatal crashes per mile).

California, New Jersey, Louisiana, and
Arizona don’t look so healthy, but most states are represented on the
list. Three that aren’t include two that offer great motorcycling and
one that offers high north adventure: Maine, Oregon, and Alaska.

The Beast looked at more than 200
stretches of highway to determine which were the worst.


  1. Yes Steve, and Highway 20 is only one of the roads that… uh, no, I mean, yeah everyone go to Highway 20 – it’s great

  2. Many of the best motorcycle roads won’t be on this list, and the list is composed of mainly interstate highways, while roads like Washington state’s No. 20 are secondary highways with far too many curves to attract cagers. We can all be thankful for that!

  3. I was about to proclaim my favourite roads for riding and then realized that’s the wrong strategy: safe, fun roads = deserted roads. The rest, please all head on down to Disney World.

  4. Two out of the top three in Florida, eh? More likely due to heart attack and stroke, with attendant following carnage.

    What did you say the average age was in Florida?

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