Top skateboarder crashes


Blewett Road near bridge where skateboarder crashed. Photo: Thornton

One of the world’s best skateboarders
appears to have died after a motorcycle collision near Nelson, B.C.

Josh Evin was driving the motorcycle
that crashed at about 2 a.m. Sunday while approaching the Blewett
Road Bridge.

Evin and a male passenger were thrown
into a canal at the bridge, but the passenger climbed out and was
recuperating in a hospital on Monday. Evin has not been seen and
Nelson police say it doesn’t look good for him.

Police sent a dive team into the canal,
but have not found a body.

Evin was riding a 750 cc Honda, which
hit a parking abutment at the 90-degree turn onto the bridge. Speeds
on the Blewett Road in that area can get high.

The motorcycle went off the road, and
the two men were ejected.

Evin is among the 10 top-ranked
skateboarders in the world.


  1. Hey JA, I think we understand each other here, no apologies required by me.

    And no, you’re not fat-fingered to write ‘apologise’ – isn’t it a British (and thus slightly Canadian) thing to do? I think the use of ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in this instance marks the English deference shown to French or Latin traditions as versus the brave new world of America’s spelling.

  2. Guilt? Why bring up guilt? You feel bad? You can just go and ride. Anywhere you like. Maybe to Mali. And I can ride my bike. And Q can ride his. And mxs can ride his bike. Josh Evin can’t ride his bike. Does that break your heart? Didn’t think so. So why did mxs dump on Osyras’ droll comment? Well, he’s not sayin. Maybe he’s a bit of a prudish phony.

    We’re supposed to have solidarity as brothers on bikes? — sorry, but I don’t get that one. BTW, I didn’t start this, I just challenged a challenge. I’m not being polite enough? Too off topic? Seems some can’t handle the heat.

  3. Hey MXS, why is it nonsense to respond to your response to an original post which you accused of being in shameful bad taste? Are you saying the original post was so serious a breach that it was necessary to chasten the poster? Or are you saying that the response[mine] to your response was nonsense because you were completely justified in chastening this original person who seemed merely humorous from my perspective? Or is this just an ad hominem lurch on your part?

  4. You’d thin that a place like this would be moderated, so hips’ posted nonsense doesn’t make it through. I guess everyone from CMG is already on vacation or riding.

  5. I’ll apologise Hipsabad, if you didn’t intend your comment the way I read it.
    Since you referred to proper definitions and you made comment that only the first definition was correct:

    tragic, tragical (very sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction) “a tragic face”; “a tragic plight”; “a tragic accident”

    tragic (of or relating to or characteristic of tragedy) “tragic hero”

    A tragedy is where a main character or “hero” makes an ill judgement resulting in their demise. I concluded you were disputing Josh had characteristics of a hero.

  6. Why poor sense of humour, Q?
    Lack of tact? What, for responding to MXS lack of tact in replying to Osyras’ supposed lack of tact? Maybe you think comments should be confined to pre-set themes, I don’t know. Please elucidate, if you can.
    Lost what plot? Tell us what the ‘plot’ is here, Q.
    just sayin, x2.

  7. Sorry to see that hipsabad has lost the plot. hipsabad: your complete lack of tact and poor sense of humour are not excused by your concern for the world’s injustices.
    “just sayin'”

  8. That’s just the way it goes in our world For a single boy to starve to death seems worse in world full of food, food that is thrown away, destroyed, than a single biker running off the road, but hey that’s just me. As the number of children climb through the hundred thousands it just becomes an abstraction, another in the way of our distractions. And I’m just as bad as any other.

  9. It’s not required, it’s just a concomitant aspect of the complete system. “The November 2008 World Health Organization Millennium Development Goals paper states: “(N)early all of this year’s 10.8 million child deaths will be confined to the world’s 42 lowest-income countries, concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Diarrhoea, pneumonia, and neonatal conditions are the most important causes of childhood mortality worldwide, with malaria and HIV infections contributing in many areas. Malnutrition is associated with 54% of all child deaths.”

  10. hipsabad, can you please explain the millions of children that are “thrown into dumpsters” so that I may have fun on my bike?
    I swear I’ll stop if that’s true.

  11. No, I’m not sayin that you effin dolt, it’s called humour, maybe you should look that up in the dictionary, too.

  12. “Besides, shouldn’t one ride with more caution on a road called “Blewett”?”

    Perhaps speed was or was not a factor. Are you saying you do know??? You should contact police if you have some relevant information to the collision

  13. MXS, Please define ‘tragic’.

    You must be an English teacher or something, right?

    Perhaps our opinions of the description differ. You picked on semantics, I was only trying to convey that anytime a human life is lost I think it is a sad news, tragic event, whatever the Webster can come up with ….

  14. No one here made any “comment concerning the characters of persons you are unfamiliar”[sic]. Maybe you should refrain from claiming that people are saying things that they haven’t said. Or read more carefully.

  15. [quote] but it’s not really tragic. [/quote]

    It actually is tragic. A lot of children will never have the opportunity to be mentored by Josh like those he mentored in the past. For a low income child who sees no other way out, it the difference between finishing high school or becoming a career criminal. It might be better to refrain from comment concerning the characters of persons you are unfamiliar.

  16. [code]Should that read “Evin *was* among the 10 top-ranked skateboarders in the world.”?

    I’m just saying is all…. [/code]

    No. *Is* is correct. Death doesn’t erase all the competitions he has won and points he has accrued along the way. Currently he is among the 10 top-ranked skateboarders in the world. At a later competition, someone may prove worthy enough to take the spot and then it will be *was*.

  17. MXS, Please define ‘tragic’. If you merely mean very sad or distressing, that’s fine, but it’s not really tragic. What’s tragic are millions of children that, unlike Evin, can be saved from death but are thoughtlessly tossed into dumpsters by the first world, partly, only partly, so that we motorcyclists, (merely one of many examples), can ride for ‘leisure’. If you don’t consider Osyras’ post in keeping with a generally hypocritical standard [see previous sentence] of respect for the departed, maybe it’s because you’re superstitious. I mean what possible harm is there in what Osyras said?

  18. Should that read “Evin *was* among the 10 top-ranked skateboarders in the world.”? ”

    And that is all you have to say after a tragic news like that, eh? Sometimes it’s better to say nothing ….

  19. Josh’s body was pulled from the canal yesterday afternoon. His death is a huge loss for the Kootenays and the skateboarding community worldwide. He will be greatly missed by many…..

  20. Should that read “Evin *was* among the 10 top-ranked skateboarders in the world.”?

    I’m just saying is all….


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