Fixing a flat on a trail with a group of friends is always a team effort.
Photo: Todd Matchim

Courtney ssm_slant.jpgeems to think that Slant is just my space to gripe and moan – just because my two previous editorials were about the pain of not riding as much thanks to fatherhood and my ulcer-forming experiences with Quebec’s SAAQ.

Well, since she may have a point, I thought a couple of lines on my recent dual-sport adventure with the good folks at the New Brunswick Dual Sport Club was in order.

The event was called Elginberg – something to do with another so-an-so-berg enduro event in Europe that I failed to get the name of or even hide my ignorance that I didn’t know it actually existed.

Organised by a certain Brad Crossman (aka Uncle Brad) and held out of his camp (a very nice cottage in reality), it was a day spent sliding and ripping through some mighty fine gravel roads in the south-eastern corner of New Brunswick, just north of Alma and the Bay of Fundy shoreline.

It was my first foray with the club and part of the very important process of laying down new roots in a new province with new people. It was also a discovery of an area of outstanding beauty, few inhabitants, ancient hills and a spider’s web of trails. It was nirvana and only two hours from my new abode to boot.

Even despite being the only rider to suffer a flat tire (“Hey, who’s got the flat?” … shit), riding a bike that is in legal limbo (thanks to the SAAQ) and using up a couple of very valuable family day-passes, it hiked my spirits, fixed my soul and reminded me that a day spent riding with good people with your favourite motorcycle along some spectacular roads, trails or even donkey tracks is a day well spent.


  1. Ah, that shot was taken just after I’d removed the wheel and we were all trying to find the cause of the puncture (not found, the assumption being a weak spot in the tube).

    Rest assured, I would be more than happy to stand aside and allow someone else to fix my puncture while I watched on. 8)

  2. “I couldn’t help noticing that the other members of the group are actually doing the repair to your flat tire. What’s up with that?”

    I made the same observation and wasn’t going to say anything, but since it has been mentioned: Rob, this is very unbecoming of a moto-journo who used to be a mechanic. What is up with that?

  3. I couldn’t help noticing that the other members of the group are actually doing the repair to your flat tire. What’s up with that? :grin

  4. Ah I know the area you were riding, I have ridden, bikes quads 4×4’s there many times. Always fun. I just wish I had bike to join you on, but my GL1000 doesn’t lend itself to the dirt.


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