CMG is 14 years old!


It’s a very special day!

If we were a prepubescent teen we’d be
telling you how much we hate you, taking extraordinary long showers and
demanding the latest I-Pod for our birthday.

But we’re not a teenager,
we’re an internet magazine
and one that has been around for an unfathomable 14 years and still
going strong!

Yes, June 1st is CMG’s 14th birthday and  we’re declaring
it a national holiday – so long as you’re going for a ride while skiving
off work today.

Don’t worry, if your boss rumbles you, just get them to email us at and
we’ll set ’em straight about Canada’s great statutory holiday laws.

a good one everyone!

Cheers, Editor ‘Arris

P.S. Okay,
we’ll take an I-Pod if you insist you bastard. Off to the shower, back in three hours …


  1. I have five complete sets but sadly I don’t think they’re worth too much except to the true CMG enthusiast. Even then that may only be about $10 …

  2. I was introduced to Rob by a mutual friend of a friend in a pub (where else) in September 1999. I had just gotten my beginner licence, whatever it was called. CMG has been a part of my motorcycling life since I began. I’m pleased to see CMG’s success and longevity.

    Impressive how much influence CMG (Rob) has had on the Canadian motojournalism scene. How many more years until he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame? Nicely done Rob and the rest of the crew.


    14, glad to hear it…

    Hope’n the next 14 is just as fun, or better….

    Now if you’d only told me where to tell my boss to send the e-mail sooner…

    Havin a cold one for you now!

    Thanks, and Keep up the good work!!!

  4. I rather enjoy the fact that I share my birthday with such a fine and foten amusing publication. Congratulations to both of us – and may we both continue for many more years.

  5. Im glad to have CMG as a part of my daily intake of Motorbikes! Happy 14th and many -many more years of zany insanity.

  6. I’m grateful to be a part of it all, but you get a tip of the cap, Rob. You’ve poured something special into this effort.

  7. I never thought I would be able to enjoy an online magazine this much.
    You are a treasure to we motorbiking types.

    Congratulations and THANKS!

    Lord Percival

  8. Indeed a momentous occassion.

    Rob gave me my start in the motorcycle journalism biz with CMG’s ancestral print version – the Ontario Motorcycle Guide.

    So blame him.

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