RCMP got their stuntman


This is stunting. 200 km/h is speeding.

RCMP officers went after drivers in
Nova Scotia last weekend, and while they did not specifically target
motorcyclists, they did get some.


With checkpoints set up around the province, police handed out 113
tickets during the May 24th long-weekend campaign.


One of the tickets was issued after a man riding a motorcycle at 200 km/h in a 100 zone
near Lower Sackville was pulled over — but for stunting, not speeding.


The offending motorcycle was seized and
the driver was urged to appear in court.


Of the 113 tickets issued, just four
others were apparently issued to motorcyclists, and that was all at
once, after police clocked four riders at 149 km/h.


  1. I have seen the speeding/stunters on their bikes. Once a sport bike passed me on one wheel while exceeding the speed limit. So maybe in this case this person was spotted on one wheel or something that consitutes a stunt and that was the stiffer fine. Pay the piper.

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