Police clamp down


Pretty, yes – but hidden danger awaits motorcyclists.

They went after motorcycle riders, and they got them — in

Police in Niagara, Ontario, went on the attack against
motorcyclists who were riding without sufficient care or riding bikes that were
poorly maintained last week.

The called the operation "Winged Wheel," and it was part of
Canada Road Safety Week. Cops were stationed around the area in unmarked
cruisers and on police motorcycles.

They pulled over 65 vehicles and wrote tickets to 43 people
for a variety of crimes, including speeding and careless driving.

Police said they had timed "Winged Wheel" for the start of
biking season and urged riders to obey the rules of the road and keep their
motorcycles in tip-top shape.

And they said they’ll keep on going after dangerous
motorcycles and riders all summer long.


  1. It makes me o angry that they pick on bikes so much. As you said, we are about 1% of all the traffic on the roads, but we still manage to come up with charity rides every other weekend. You never see the “Soccer Mom Minivan Drive for Site”, or the “Smart Car Drive for Dad”. For 1% of the traffic population, we certainly out do every other vehicle out there for good causes. We do not deserve any of the negative attention that we are given every summer.

  2. I’ve seen so many aggressive and careless drivers in cages. Considering that only…what?….1%…of vehicles on our roads are motorcycles, I think the police resources are being severely misallocated.

  3. “Don’t get out much? ”

    Not as often as you, I am sure. But enough to see tons of junk cars on the road daily. So few bikes around compared to cars, that I don’t see how junk bikes are relevant and threat to anyone …. unless you know something I don’t.

  4. I`d call riding in a t shirt,no gloves,plastic beanie for a helmet not sufficient care. Is a bike with a dry loose chain and 10 yr. old brake fluid poorly maintained? Sure it is but it `prolly isn`t going to harm anyone. I hope they are actually looking for riders who are drinking/toking, no licence/insurance, maybe on a stolen bike.

  5. I don’t care what type of vehicle it is. if it is unsafe or being used unsafely let the tickets fly. Ride safely in public and maintain your bike you will not have to pay the ticket tax! simple. But if they are targeting a group for infractions that a different group is also responsible for (junk cars and trucks!) then they should have equal opportunity to also pay the tax.

  6. “I have never seen a junk (rusty, oil leaking monster) motorcycle on the road…”

    Don’t get out much?

  7. Makes no sense …. it’s really a rider blitz, nothing to do with motorcycles properly maintained and in good running order … :roll

    I have never seen a junk (rusty, oil leaking monster) motorcycle on the road, on contrary to cars ….

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