Noise law could hurt town


Live free or die (likely the latter)!

A noise ordinance that the town of
North Hampton, New Hampshire, passed earlier this month might hit businesses where it hurts.

The law was written to control
motorcycle noise, and while it won’t become enforceable until the second week
of July, motorcycle clubs in the area are already reacting against it,
according to an article in seacoast

The Manchester Motorcycle Club, for
instance, is urging its members to stay out of North Hampton until the town
repeals the law, and the club’s president is asking other clubs to follow suit.

He said the law would place a
financial hardship on motorcyclists, who would be required to replace their
exhaust systems every 3,700 miles (5,950 km). The ordinance states that a
sticker issued by the Environmental Protection Agency would be required on any
exhaust system for motorcycles of recent vintage. Failure to have the sticker
could result in a fine of $200 to $1,000, depending on the bike-rider’s previous record.

While the police chief in North
Hampton said he’s not a fan of loud motorcycles, he wonders if the law would be
legally enforceable.

Current New Hampshire law limits
motorcycle noise output to 106 dB, and efforts to lower that limit have failed
at the state level.


  1. Local RCMP is conducting a free test session where you can bring your bike to see if it contravenes noise laws. All who fail will be given a free pass and not be charged on that day. Expect enforcement this year in Vancouver, folks.

    Thanks to all the clowns who believe loud pipes save lives and don’t mind assaulting eardrums.

  2. As usual it`s the silent majority that takes it up the chute.Does anyone(all the fans of loud aftermarket pipes) that is buggering it for everyone ever clue in or wake up or are they all dilligaf Mensa allstars? I`ll bet that many readers here,Larry,Bondo, remember the “Less Sound=More Ground” ads in Cycle and Cycle World mags in the early `70s. Expect a flood of anti-bike proposals yet to come.

  3. A letter to, the original source of the story, notes that exhaust labels do not expire so quickly as the original story claimed. “The EPA noise emission labels stay in effect as long as the motorcycle is operated on public roads,” the letter says.

  4. The little bully fags are showing their true nature with threats. Like the Mafia, they won’t be crossed – people be damned. Their child egos need all the noise they can muster cause no one listens to their tiny thoughts for some strange reason. And like children, when reason fails them they resort to outright lying and become desperate – replacing their exhaust every 3700 miles, ha-ha, as if. Where does it say in any constitution that one is allowed to contravene noise laws to which the manufacturers are required to adhere? Why don’t the manufacturers just stop complying, too?

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