Be an Easy Camper


Easy camping, from Whitehorse.

Whitehorse Press has published a second
edition of "Motorcycle Camping Made Easy."

The publisher claims its new book has
"updated information with a totally new look," and "has
everything you need to know to get started right."

The book covers such important topics
as loading the bike properly, finding the right campsite or rally,
packing for the trip, dealing with wildlife, cooking, building campfires, and making the most
of the gear you already own. It also provides information on
acquiring new gear, including a trailer if that’s what you want.

Motorcycle Camping Made Easy, 2d
edition, by Bob Woofter. Softbound, 255 pages, black and white
photos and illustrations, $19.95 U.S. from Whitehorse Press


  1. If you’re at a bike rally and you’re expecting to get ANY sleep.. you were mis-informed!
    And unless you get a tents-only area ina reg campground, the generators, tvs and whatnot will also prevent quality sleep…
    still a fan of moto-camping

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