Town rules on loud pipes


"Hmmm, there should be a sticker here, somewhere."

The town of North Hampton in New
Hamshire has passed a law requiring EPA labels on the exhaust pipes
of motorcycles manufactured after 1982.

The permanent stickers would show that
the exhaust system meets Environmental Protection Agency noise
standards. Fines for violations will range from $200 for a first
offence to $1,000 for repeat offenders.

The North Hampton police chief,
however, told that he is troubled by the new law.
"I find it difficult to believe that a town can remove the rights
of a group of people," he said. He pointed out that stopping riders
for potential violations could bring lawsuits under human rights

And EPA rules that require this type of
sticker to be placed on the bottom of the motorcycle may make it
difficult for police to enforce the law.


  1. There is a newly introduced SAE standard for roadside motorcycle road testing … THAT is what they should have used. Also, the stock muffler on a Honda CBR125 has no EPA label because it isn’t sold in USA. Requiring EPA labeling may violate Geneva convention on road traffic, at least for tourists.

  2. Noise pollution from loud, illegally equipped motorcycles is a growing blight across America.
    The large percentage of motorcyclists that operate illegal exhaust systems is not going to change their self-centered ways without law enforcement. If you are sick and tired of this childish special-interest group shattering the peace of our communities, please sign this petition. It is a nation-wide petition. Let’s put an end to this nonsense.

    Thank you

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of following a couple open pipe twins through an otherwise sleepy little town in PA and can’t see why this law hasn’t been pushed in more places.

    Now they just have to go after non oem stereos in cars!

  4. What a surprise. The “I can put the loudest pipes available on my bike” brigade loigically results in the passing of a very restrictive law giving the police no ability for interpretation whatsoever. Editorials have been warning of this and preaching moderation for years. Now it has arrived.

    Congratulations to BBB and his LOUD PIPES.

  5. “I find it difficult to believe that a town can remove the rights of a group of people,” What rights are you taking away? I didn’t know we had the right to make as much noise as possible just to get attention.

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