Spyder event in Chicago


The Spyder says, "I’ll take Chicago."

The 2010 Can-Am Spyder Owners Event will take place on
Friday and Saturday, June 25 and 26, at Chicago.

"This year we’re asking all Spyder owners to join us in … Chicago, to meet and greet BRP officials and other Spyder owners …"
says the Can-Am website.

Spyderiders will move in a group along Lake Shore Drive to
the old Lehmann Mansion in Lake Villa for an "Ultimate Playground" event,
where a plethora of Spyder activities will take place, along with demo rides on
other BRP products, like Can-Am ATVs, Sea-Doos, the Spyder RT roadster, and
whatever else is on hand.

The Can-Am event occurs during the city’s "Taste of
Chicago" festival of musical and epicurean delights, so the grub will be good and the music will be Chicago-cool: Barenaked Ladies, Buddy Guy, and Counting Crows will perform in free concerts.

You can register for it at the website.


  1. Why the derision? It’s not for me either, but It’s a new category of vehicle for people who want the motorcycle experience without the ‘threat’ of falling over. The way I see it, every Spyder on the road is an ally for motorcyclists. They experience the same issues with car traffic as motorcyclists do. Wave, and go on your way, happily leaning over.

  2. This vehicle is laughable. What’s its point again? It’s a frivolous device compared to a car; it’s less stable, less safe, with no protection from the weather. And it doesn’t lean. Will the ‘Great Recession’ not chasten our arrogant, wasteful ways?

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