Harley's Pink Garage party


Do male models wear anything under their coveralls? CMG’s Leslie Machado takes the assigment.

In an effort to gain traction with women in a male dominated industry
like motorcycling, Harley Davidson hosted their second annual Precious
Metal Garage Party earlier this week.

The concept was simple, bring women from all walks of life
together in an effort to increase female riders, alleviate some of the
fear that may be associated with such a male-focussed industry and engage
them enough so that they not only listen, but spread the word.

Oh, and they donated
all proceeds to help fund breast cancer research. 

I admit that I half expected burly women smoking cigars as I made my way
to the entrance but as I rounded the corner, I was pleasantly

Pink graffiti, rock candy, Red Bull, vodka and scantily clad
male models welcomed me and my girlfriends to a well organized pink
carpet party.

Over 400 partygoers were given the opportunity to get on motorcycles, run lines with an actor, have their hair and makeup done, and participate in a photo shoot, as well as learn the proper way to lift a bike (without the help of a man). 

As I amped my goddess quota by getting professionally made over at the hair and makeup station, I plotted my route through the event.  First to the cover shots by Dolce Vito magazine, than scoring some Bombshell lip-gloss.

It wasn’t until I completed the bike lift in stilettos that I realized this was by far one of the coolest parties I had attended in a while.


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