Personalize your rubber


If you’re the type of rider who cruises
the strip with a licence plate reading HOTBOY, you’ll want Pirelli’s
new monogrammed rubber.

The Italian hoop-maker has just put its
newest creation on the market: a tire you can personalize with any
design you like.

The sidewalls of the Diablo Rosso Corsa
tires were made to accept special labels that you design by going to
the Pirelli website and feverishly clicking away. You can put your initials, your name,
your better-half’s shoe size — anything you like, apparently, as
long as it fits on the label. There are also reproductions of
Superbike World Championship circuits, country flags, and other items to dress up
your fancy new tire.

But it’s not all about the looks, says Pirelli. The Diablo Rosso Corsa comes with
something more than monograms, and if it’s real, the feature
might appeal to racers: it’s the world’s first tire to "measure
its grip as a factor of its ability to transfer horsepower from the
bike to the asphalt at various points of a racetrack," according to
Pirelli. If you know what that means, you might want this tire.

intended for sport riders as well as racers. Get rolling at pirellityre.


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