PD13 profits threatened


Sadly, others have opened beer gardens.

On Friday, August 13, the town of Port
Dover, Ontario, will most likely fill to bursting with motorcyclists,
but this Friday the 13th event could signal a change in
the program.

According to the Simco Reformer
 a PD13 organizer warns that diminishing
sources of money are threatening the charitable nature of PD13, which
in the past has paid for clean-up and other expenses involved in the
event and has also dumped left-over money into charities.

Money is made by things like beer
gardens, which in the past have been controlled by PD13, says the
group’s chairman, Keith Swarts.

But now the Port Dover Kinsmen and
other groups have arranged separate but simultaneous deals with beer
suppliers, so the profits from ale sales will weaken this summer,
when 100,000 people and 15,000 motorcycles, or more, will likely show
up in Port Dover. Even if there’s enough money made to pay a clean-up and expenses bill that could run to $30,000, there may not be anything left over for charitable donations, Swarts says.


  1. Your close. I play a Yamaha keyboard, a Plenum Gem organ, & a Getzen trumpet, but not in public. I’m predicting closer to 250,000 people at Fri. 13th. this August.

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