T.O. cops ride BMWs


The Toronto police force has begun a
year-long test period with BMW R1200RT motorcycles.

The BMWs will be evaluated for several
properties, including acceleration, heat, comfort, and something
called "risk management."

Deputy chief Tony Warr set up the
evaluation after seeing the BMW. He spent the first four years of his
police career in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson.

Toronto’s police department has used Harleys, BMWs, Hondas, Nortons, Triumphs, and Hendersons.

Motorcycle cops in Toronto have also
moved into a better uniform in fluorescent yellow, with ballistic
nylon and armour, as well as flip-up full-face helmets that offer
better protection than the half-helmets traditionally worn by police
but allow cops to easily talk with people.

One of the motorcycle cops is Const.
Alex Harley, who happens to own a Harley-Davidson, but says the BMW
has "great handling" and good feedback.


  1. Saanich PD, out on the left coast, has been using the bmw rt1200 for several years…switched from harleys… neighbouring Victoria PD went from Harleys to Honda ST1300s at the same time. Neither department will likely be switching back.

  2. Ditto on them getting some decent gear with all the modern mesh and ballistic stuff about there is no excuse for them looking like they ride horses !!

  3. “Kawasaki apparently also has a Concours 1400 ABS Police model coming out. Bring back Ponch and Jon ! ”

    Is that the special motocross version similar to the KZ1000’s they used back in the day? When I watched as a kid, those bikes could go anywhere!

  4. I’ll lay bets right now that they don’t switch, I also have to mention the precision riding team, would love to see them do their stuff on BMW’s, not likely!

    As for their testing of the BMW, this is nothing new, they have done this in the past and will do it again.

    Cops needed new gear and I hope they stand out on the roads, God knows riders (even cop riders) need all the help we can get from the cagers.

  5. It’s about time they got some proper riding gear! As for the BMW, no doubt the Officers will like them, but the bean counters won’t – they are, apparently, quite expensive to maintain.

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