Protesters park their bikes


Not enough of this in Vancouver.

Two blocks of downtown Vancouver’s Robson Street were
jammed with motorcycles on Sunday — but neatly: one bike to a
parking spot.

It was an organized attempt to show
civic politicians that free parking for motorcycles makes sense. With
a motorcycle taking up a complete parking space when it could be
stuffed into a smaller spot, car and truck drivers are left wandering
the streets in search of room, the protesters said.

They want Vancouver to set aside
dedicated two-wheel parking spaces in areas where cars won’t fit,
such as "far-side corner clearances," which are the spaces
between ordinary parking spots and adjacent street corners, usually
six metres long.

Vancouver city bureaucrats have recommended
that up to 1,000 such corner parking spaces be created over the next
10 years, but only for 50 cc mopeds and electric bikes. Because
ordinary motorcycles and large scooters don’t run any cleaner than
cars, they shouldn’t get a free ride, the city says.

Motorcyclists say that ignores the
facts that motorcycles do less damage to roads and letting them take
up otherwise-unusable spaces would free parking room for cars and


  1. Toronto the good, hum, for years now Toronto has had free on street parking for motorcycles, if you’re in a legal spot you don’t get a ticket but if you’re not for sure you’ll get one. Front St between Yonge and Bay is a very popular location, on a nice day you can count nearly 100 bikes in the one block. Other streets in the downtown core through the week have several bikes, bikers sure like this but the cagers aren’t so pleased.

  2. How does a scooter “run cleaner” than other motorcycles?

    All motorcyclists everywhere should perform this action until the car drivers scream and the pol-idiots come to their senses. Victoria also has a dumb ruling that says you can get ticketed if you DON”T park in the middle of each parking space. In my experience, some commissionaires seem to let common sense overwhelm their duty and ‘forget’ to ticket in these situations. Depends on your luck.

  3. You would think that with all the talk that goes on in City Hall about congestion in Vancouver they would realize that this is a sensible alternative to having vehicles driving around the block trying to find a parking spot. But no, they have to make it about money…. idiots.

  4. several years ago, Ottawa actually changed the bylaws so that you were only allowed to park 1 motorcycle in a spot.

    I haven’t determined who gets the ticket if I show up and share another motorcylist’s spot.

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