Zero divides into 2


A broken Zero attracts much attention. Photo: plugbike

A Zero MX electric motocross bike crashed at the e-Moto MX electric series in Switzerland on April 24
when the frame broke in the first lap.

Pictures suggest a complete failure at
the neck of the frame, though the exact nature of the break and its
cause are not known.

The frame will be shipped to Zero’s
headquarters in California for examination.

Rider Tommy Heimburg was left
with a concussion, a partially collapsed lung, and possibly some
broken vertebrae. He will recover.

The race was won by a rider on a
Quantya MX, which allegedly remained in one piece throughout.


  1. That’s what I call unplugged. Or the extension cord was too short.

    At least you can follow the race by plug-in your radio on the batteries.

  2. 10-15 years ago the same thing happend to Triumph street bikes.

    I wonder what the story will be – Bad weld or Bad frame material.

  3. I guess that’s what happens when a bicycle builder makes a MX bike :grin
    You can bet that won’t happen to the new KTM e-bike. Going up in flames, that’s a whole other situation that all makers could succumb to.

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