B.C. refines regs


Only certified helmets in B.C. now.
Photo: Thornton

British Columbia has issued a notice of
changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that will affect motorcyclists.

The notice appeared this week and
states that "in response to a growing number of motorcyclists in
B.C., and a corresponding rise in the number of fatalities, all
motorcycle drivers and their passengers will be required to wear a
helmet that meets certified safety-industry standards."

Riders will be responsible for making
sure their under-16 passengers wear approved helmets, and police will
be entitled to seize helmets that don’t meet the standards.

"Inexperience is a high-risk factor
for new riders while learning," the notice says, "so they will be
restricted to less powerful motorcycles." The particulars of that
will be decided later.

The notice also states that passengers
must be able to get their feet onto the footpegs or floorboards of
the motorcycle they’re riding on.

A review of motorcycle crashes in
British Columbia actually found that the fatality rate had dropped,
but the total number of fatalities had risen, between 1999 (41,000
riders, 27 fatalities) and 2008 (80,000/49). "New riders in the
16-25 age groupare the most at risk with a fatality rate that is 13
times higher than older riders," the notice says.


  1. This is all because about 10-15 years ago the BC govt brought in a new helmet law, but after heavy lobbying decided to approve the “BC Beanie” which had all the protection of a yarmulke made of plastic…

  2. If your helmet is seized, you either get it towed, or go buy a real helmet.
    A great idea, this new requirement, hopefully this will disuade the ‘pretend’ riders from riding, those more apt to buy a helmet based on how cool it looks rather than it’s ability to protect your head.

  3. Yes Gary, like you said when the police seizes your helmet then you are entitled to ride without a helmet. The same logic applies when the police seizes you vehicle. You are then entitled to break into the police garage and take back your car…

  4. :roll

    This all makes sense, there’s no possible way it’s the whole story…

    You can’t tell that the gov’t (any level, your choice) can possibly make a wise and proper decision that will be an improvement. There much be more to it…


  5. So if the police seize your helmet because it doesn’t meet the standards, does that mean you get to ride home without a helmet ? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm ..

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