Commando rider wins


He rode a Norton Commando across
Canada, worshipped at a number of beaver-esque shrines, and then died
— but he won a best actor award, so that`s all right.

The lead actor in "One Week,"
Joshua Jackson, won the Genie for best actor in a motion picture on
Monday at the 30th annual Genie Awards.

Jackson played a teacher who learned he
had a short time to live, dumped his girlfriend and his home and
bought a Norton on a whim, then rode from east to west, finally
coming to grips with things by means of motorcycle travel.

The big winner at the awards was
"Polytechnique," a movie about the Ecole Polytechnique shootings of
1989, but the real winner is an ordinary guy who bought a Norton
Commando when things looked bleakest, then discovered his heart and his country while trying to outrun his own death.


  1. Amen to that. I get tired of people saying you can’t tour on anything other than an ST1300 or a BMW R1200GT.

    I loved this movie. It didn’t try to make the Norton something that it is not. It broke down a couple of times and was obviously a chore to ride in the rain and wind but isn’tt that why we ride motorcycles – to experience the journey as opposed to just cover the distance?

  2. A great movie. The choice of bike also harkened back to the era of minimalist touring, when EVERY bike was a touring bike, cruiser or sportbike…depending on what you were doing.

  3. Loved that movie. Brought back memories of our own 1 week cross Canada ride (Honda GL500 not a Norton). I was just about dead from fatigue by the end and I didn’t have cancer either.
    Too bad the movie’s website got taken down, they had the route map with filming locations on it.

  4. I really liked the film. and um…I just bought two copies of it online to spite that person above that commented about the leather. Will be giving one away obviously.



  5. 1st movie in a theater in 25 years . Saw it in the library in Regina and loved it . Western Canada is very familiar when you ride a motorcycle across it .Good movie . Red

  6. What is he wearing?? Is that the skin stripped off a dead animal?? How barbaric!! Where is that PETA website? I would organize a boycott of the movie and of the Genie awards, but who would notice the difference?

  7. I think the Norton was an inspired choice … it could have been a BMW 650CS or something equally banal … or perhaps a bad ass cruiser … yup, a good choice all things considered.
    Especially when they must have given up an opportunity for a product placement endorsement from one of the many industrial waste producers. :grin

  8. Worth a see for sure…

    As I recall it did break down but i think it was bad gas…

    I gasped when the truck ran over it…Geez I hope I didn’t spoil the ending 🙂

  9. That was a very enjoyable movie. Lots of Canadian scenery and not a bad story line. Since it was released in the dead of winter, one could experience the cross country ride vicariously inside the movie theater. However, the choice of a Norton Commando as his ride across the entire country? I kept waiting for the break down.

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