Quebec moto en francais!


The new ‘A-D logo au Quebec.

As if the beleaguered motorcycle manufacturers didn’t have enough to worry about, the Quebec government is about to announce that, in order not to run afoul of the province’s draconian language laws, the names of motorcycles will have to be translated into French or the model won’t be allowed to be sold in La Belle Province.

CMG sources inside the Quebec government leaked a preliminary list of what the translation will be. In areas where a direct translation is not possible, it will be changed so that the general population will understand.

Monster – Maudite Anglais
Streetfighter – L’homme qui bagarre dans la rue
1098 – Mille Quatre-vingt-dix-huit

Harley Davidson (note, now becomes ‘arley)
Rocker – Le Helvis
Fat Boy – Garcon Gros
Fat Bob – Gros Robért

Honda (note, all Hondas will be labeled as ‘Onda).
DN01 – Wat da fuck is dat? Tabernac.
Ruckus – Perturbation Publique
Rebel – Le ‘Onda de Louis Riel

Mean Streak – Homme faché Sans Pantalons
Nomad – Voyageur
Voyageur – Nomad


Thunderbird – Triomphe Oiseau d’Tunder
Scrambler – Les Oeufs All Mix Up
Thruxton – Truxton

Venture – Un Enterprise
Silverado – Argent d’ Ado
V Max  – isn’t allowed to be imported into Quebec as it’s the same
in both French and English and they just won’t allow it.


  1. Some more: Honda Shadow – ‘Onda Ombre,
    Honda Hurricane – ‘Onda Ouragan, Kawasaki (Cow-a-socky) – Vache avec chaussettes, Harley Davidson – “Arley Fils de Davide, Triumph Bonneville – Triomphe (oh! Bonneville is already french), Honda Varadero – ‘Onda Vacances a Cuba.

  2. Hahahaha DUDE its an April fools joke, jeeez.
    Only in Quebec.
    If you can’t fix it with a rubber mallet… then you have an electrical problem. :roll

  3. The manufacturers should all boycott the Quebec market by not renaming their models specifically for Quebec. I wonder how long would that rule last??? People would still buy bikes, but not in Quebec …

    Absolute lunacy.

  4. :grin

    just think if you were in the PRoK (peoples
    republic of kalifornia) Kawasaki would have had
    to rename its bikes
    The Burrito, The Chalupa, Chimi’s Chonga

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