New seat aids transitions


It’s like having an escalator under your bum, but one that moves sideways when you enter a turn.

Experienced CMG riders will already be thinking, "I want one!" but for everyone else, here’s how it works.

The Chicane Saddle, invented by Britain’s Brit Brothers, employs tapered rollers and toothed belts to allow a movable seat surface that helps you slide from side to side as you get your knees down in turns.

The seat improves aerodynamics by allowing the rider to slide from one side to another without first rising up to free the butt of the pants from the seat of the bike, and by assisting body movement, the seat saves rider-energy. Also, by absorbing energy, the seat can prevent a high-side when a rear tire suddenly regains traction after skidding and spinning freely.

In essense, rollers under the belt rotate under the rider’s weight, easing the transition, and recoil and friction controls allow the seat to be tuned to the rider’s weight and movement.

The Brit Brothers have obtained a patent and are planning on sitting down with some major manufacturers.


  1. [quote]Hmmm, could prove surprisingly popular with the fairer set.[/quote]
    *****HEAD LINES*****DEALS GAP******
    Female rider looses control and crashes on 73rd corner on the dragon. When emergency responders arrived at the horrific crash, the lone female was found at the side of the road and conscious. When questioned by police the female was quoted as saying “is my seat OK”?

  2. Looks like the inner workings of a photo-copier. Are you sure this isn’t another method of taking naughty pics of rear-ends?

  3. No mention of weighting the footpegs to aid in turning. Anyone who orders one doesn’t have the first clue about riding quickly.

  4. Gawd – is this what it’s come to? The act of slightly flexing your legs in order to slide off the seat is now too big an exertion for the fat-assed masses? They’re claiming improved aerodynamics because you can stay down low? Sheesh. If moving up half an inch is causing undue slowing due to negative airflow, then this seat is the least of your problems.

    What about mass centralization with all that crap in the seat high up in the chassis?

    Why not have little outriggers to stick your knees out to avoid all that effort as well?

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