Group wants free parking


The British Columbia Coalition of
Motorcyclists is pushing for free motorcycle parking in Vancouver and
asking motorcyclists to joint the effort.

A motion to allow free parking for scooters and motorcycles was sent to the City’s engineering
department in October for consideration and rewriting and has since
disappeared from view.

"The Olympics are now over and … we
expect action from this council to ensure that riders have safe, easy
and cost-effective parking. This does not mean expensive solutions
that involve costly complicated signage and painting. It does not
mean new meters all over the city and it does not mean displacing
passenger vehicles from space presently allocatedm," says the

"Let’s get on with it. Email mayor
and council at and tell them you
want action on this initiative which is long overdue."

The coalition points out that Toronto
offers free parking for motorcyclists, San Francisco offers free and
cheap parking for bikes, and Portland, Oregon, offers free parking in
alleys for motorcycles.


  1. In Victoria, BC, we are trying to get a lobbying group together to work with the City of Victoria, the CRD, and the other municipalities. Parking enforcement in Victoria is insane. Parking in the downtown core is crazy and getting more expensive all the time. Free or cheap motorcycle and scooter parking is an important part of a sustainable transportation infrastructure in this city. Get in touch with Scooter Underground if you are interested in being part of a committee to work on this cause.

    Many thanks! Hope to have your help and support.

  2. Montreal has free designated motorcycle parking downtown, and the city is very tolerant of parking between car spaces and curb…

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