Blame France


Coming to a European neighbourhood near you?

Motorcycles throughout Europe may soon
be limited in power, if a commission that’s looking into the matter
has its way.

The European Commission is said to be
considering the "French model," which limits output of any
motorcycle to 100 hp.

The commission apparently also might
dictate that all new motorcycles must be equipped with ABS brakes.

After France enacted legislation
prohibiting more than 100 hp in new motorcycles, enthusiasts there
(and elsewhere) hoped that the law would be repealed, since there is
no statistical evidence linking horsepower to crash causation.
Instead, it seems that the French model may spread.


  1. If you have seen or not heard the Euro 3 emission bikes there, you know most of the HP is sucked up into the exhaust cans anyway. Euro 3 is what you need to fear.
    Bobby B

  2. Reminds me of Albert’s comment: “The difference between genius and stupidity is that the latter is without limit.”

  3. Saying that a 180 hp bike can get you out of trouble better than a 100 hp is as silly as saying loud pipes save lives. Also stating folks that drive the speed limit are the problem as they get in the way of the speeding masses is carp too and using that logic would mean ‘cell phone using driving through red lights’ drivers are in the right too.


  4. this is ludicrous. a 100 hp motorcycle can do significant speeds just as 180 hp motorcycle. besides, speed doesn’t kill it’s irresponsible riders. as mentioned, this is hypocritical and biased as cars have been improved exponentially and make crazy power and speeds.

  5. Another example of idiotic burocratic interference. I’m more afraid of the guy who drives the speed limit irregardless of the actual traffic flow thereby forcing others to pass him and possibly creating a dangerous situation than the guy who drives over the limit but shows common sense. Governments can’t legislate common sense – try as they might. By the way, Ontario is just as bad as France with it’s “stunt driving” law.

  6. The privilege to own a 100+ HP bike comes with a social responsibility to drive it responsibly in public, thus preserving true enthusiasts ability to purchase one. Insecure individuals should find a different way to show off. I do not want public opinion to cause my privilege taken away by law. You know who you are!

  7. You know it’s the dweebs that can’t handle more than 30hp or 40hp, or the maniacs that can’t handle the responsibility of 100+hp that are the reason they are putting a limit on the hp in the first place.

  8. Having just finished two days of a job mandated, re-certification of a defensive driving course, and being the owner of a less than 100 horsepower Bandit. I know for a fact that it will embarrass anything this side of a top fuel dragster, well into the “You’re going to jail, Boy!” speeds…

    Yes, I know there’s all kinds of reasons for way more than 100hp. Do you need it on the street? What if I add a couple of teeth on the rear sprocket? Quicker acceleration, lower top speed… Will I suffer much without a 250+ top speed?

  9. Faster acceleration as a result of higher horsepower can get a person out of trouble in many instances. It can also get get a person in trouble. It is all in the WRIST and how much the throttle is twisted. The Government just has to be our nannys and provide cradle to grave care, whether we want it or not, at the expense of higher taxes and less personal liberties.

    Many cars are approaching 600 horsepower and 200 mph top speeds and these are readily available to anybody with enough money. See how it hits the fan if they try to regulate automotive HP to around 200 or so!


  10. You’re right — we don’t need more than 100 hp, and neither do we need bacon. And yet, it’s almost lunchtime, and the neighbourhood deli beckons most invitingly.

  11. In advance I ask for your forgiveness.
    Do we need more than 100 hp?
    Every bike I have had over 100 hp has been sold as they (quickly) wear out their welcome.
    I love performance bikes and the design evolution of these machines … but 280km/hr bikes on the road is lunacy.

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