R.I.P. Bill 117


They can still ride.

Bill 117, the Ontario law that would have prohibited persons under 14 years old from riding as motorcycle passsengers, has finally died.

The Act was put down for good when Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued the legislature on March 4. It will "not be heard at committee and will not move forward in the legislature," according to Jo-Anne Farquhar, communications director at the MMIC.

Bill 117 was introduced as a Private Members Bill by Helena Jaczek, MPP for Markham, in 2008.

A petition set up at ipetitions.com to protest the Bill collected 1,177 signatures.


  1. Grant: prolonging parliament never did anybody ANY good.

    Parliament, after all, comes from two French words: Parler (to speak), and Mentir (to lie).

    As for this bill, good bye, and good riddance. I already took my 12 year old for a ride this year, she had great fun… and so did I.

  2. For once Dalton did something that made sense, prolonging parliament for once did something worth while. Don’t think for a second Dalton that this will save your … in the next election. 🙁

  3. Good news! Maybe Dalton would come to Quebec and shut down some really stupid language laws…since he’s into making thing right and all that.

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