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you have already completed the CMG Online survey and signed up to be
part of the volunteer panel, we’d like to thank you for your time. If
not, then here’s a last pitch …


off, readers’ surveys give us vital information on what our readers
like and dislike about CMG. They also give us the demographic
information that we need to let advertisers know who they will be
reaching by taking an ad out on CMG (a vital component for a magazine
that doesn’t charge its readership).

also working on a new dimension – a volunteer pool that we can draw
from for a new industry focus group where you will be asked for your
opinion on various motorcycle-related issues. Basically
this pool would be a group of people from which we could draw members who satisfy a demographic that so-and-so company wants to reach.

example, if Arai helmets wanted to ask a group of riders who were
highly educated and read CMG more than once a day (bad example, very
small group) what they thought of their new XYZ lid, then we would
search through the demographics of the volunteer pool for these
requirements and send them an email asking if they were interested in
filling out a survey for a helmet manufacturer.

Obviously this is a
marketable asset for us, but it also gives you the opportunity to voice
your thoughts to various industry organizations and at no time will any
identifying information be passed on from CMG. If you complete this online survey, you will be entered for a random draw for a chance to win one
of five $100 cash prizes*! 

At the end of the CMG Readers’ Survey you will be
asked if you want to join this volunteer pool. 


yes, we’re also going to add a draw for some vintage style CMG t-shirts
for anyone who signs up (or has already signed up) for the volunteer
pool. Okay, they’re a little dusty, but the moths have thankfully left
them in (roughly) one piece.

go to the survey/join the pool, click on the link here.

to reiterate our privacy policy, as with anything CMG when it comes to
collecting personal information, at no time will any identifying
information (like your name, email or phone) go outside of CMG. We’re as
hateful of spam and other devious crap as you are (maybe even more so).

in advance for your time – it’s much appreciated.


CMG Publisher

One cash prize of $100, and one t-shirt giveaway, will be drawn per 50
completed industry surveys, giving you a 1 in 50 chance of winning. Hey,
that’s better odds than having a heart attack, being crushed by an
elephant or being eaten by a mad cow.

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